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eCast Vol. 13 No. 10

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CPR News and Recent Activity

Boston University Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 

A two-year postdoctoral research fellowship program in psychiatric rehabilitation and vocational recovery from serious mental illnesses will begin January 2nd, 2014 at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University.  Didactic seminars, extensive research practicum and an annual stipend of $40,000 are included in the fellowship. Applications are due November 8th, 2013.  Contact: Dr. Zlatka Russinova at (617) 353-3549 or zlatka@bu.edu
More detail about the fellowship program is available at /research/postdoctoral-research.

A new newsletter is available: Job Development and Job Retention for Persons in Recovery

This month, featuring an interview with CPR’s Joan Rapp. Of interest especially to those helping others obtain employment.  Click here for the newsletter  Or  http://www.bu.edu/cpr/resources/newsletter/JRappNews1013.pdf


Our Partners

The New PRA website strengthens relationships with members, prospects, chapters, and the global community.  Check it out!

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal is currently calling for papers.

Information about the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal and a current table of content can now be found here: click here


Internet Resources

Start Discussing Health Information Technology’s Role in Behavioral Health

Bring your health information technology (HIT) questions, comments, and issues to the new SAMHSA HIT Forum. The new forum is intended to facilitate the exchange of ideas, suggestions, and personal experiences dealing with HIT for substance abuse treatment providers, mental health providers, software publishers, state agencies, consumers, families, and others involved in the field.  The topics likely to be covered include:

  • Electronic health records systems
  • Health information exchanges
  • 42CFR2 requirements
  • Privacy
  • Meaningful use criteria
  • Experiences dealing with specific hardware and software
  • Technology-assisted care
  • Consumer self-management approaches
  • Requests seeking advice from other stakeholders
    (The views expressed on that forum will be solely those of their authors, not those of SAMHSA.   http://cmhbbs.samhsa.gov/   Visit the Health Information Technology Forum


PhotoVoice Exhibit

see pictures on our Facebook Page

The Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, in conjunction with Waverley Place and the Community Program of McLean Hospital, of Belmont, Massachusetts, is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibit of PhotoVoice work at iconic Doric Hall in the Massachusetts State House in Boston. The work on display is a product of classes which were taught at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation’s Recovery Education Program and at Waverley Place using the “Combating Prejudice and Discrimination through Photovoice Empowerment” curriculum which the Center published in 2010.  This peer-led curriculum promotes critical dialogue through the use of cameras and psychoeducation to empower consumers to identify and challenge discrimination around mental illness when it occurs, and also functions as a tool of advocacy in society to overcome firmly entrenched prejudices around mental illness and encourage policymakers, the media and the general public to re-examine attitudes they may hold toward the mentally ill. The exhibit runs between October 15th and 28th, 2013, and is accessible to anyone visiting the State House during those dates. We are truly honored to have our work shown in a venue where the men and women who legislate the laws of our Commonwealth may be exposed to these tools of education and self-advocacy.

Citation:  Gagne, C., Bowers, A., Russinova, Z., Bloch, P., & McNamara, S. (2010). Combating prejudice and discrimination through PhotoVoice empowerment: Leader’s guide. Boston: Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.


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Recent Publications

Introduction to Psychiatric/Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR): History and Foundations by Marianne Farkas in Current Psychiatry Reviews, 2013, 9, 177-187.


SPEAKING OUT:  Should the Training of Clinical Psychologists Require Competence in the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Individuals With a Serious Mental Illness?  Kim T. Mueser, Steven M. Silverstein, and Marianne D. Farkas,  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal 2013, Vol. 36, No. 1, 54–59. 


The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal is currently calling for papers.

Information about the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal and a current table of content can now be found here: click here


New Poetry collection
A collection of recovery-oriented poems from Marjorie Jacobs’ poetry class Discover the Poet Within for Health & Recovery, has been posted on our Facebook page and is now available at: http://www.bu.edu/cpr/resources/PoetryRecoveryS2013.pdf


Recovery in the News

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in conjunction with Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, invite you to attend the International Survivors Suicide Day. Saturday, November 23, 2013

If you have lost someone to suicide, you are not alone. There are millions of survivors who, like you, are trying to cope with this heartbreaking loss. More than 38,000 people take their lives every year in the Unites States, each leaving behind friends and loved ones who struggle with loss, grief and all of those questions that begin “Why…?”    This is a day for survivors of suicide loss, their family and friends and the clinicians who support them.  While no one chose to walk this journey of being a survivor of suicide loss, we can find comfort and hope by being with others who understand. We invite you to attend this powerful healing conference. Survivors of suicide loss gather at hundreds of simultaneous locations around the world every year on International Survivors of Suicide Day to connect with others who have survived the tragedy of suicide loss, and express and understand the powerful emotions they experience.

For more information and to register in Boston:
For the many other locations available see:  http://www.afsp.org/survivorday


Free Diabetes Education Toolkit

Diabetes is highly prevalent among people in recovery, so our partners at UIC Center on Psychiatric Disability and Co-Occurring Medical Conditions have created a Diabetes Education Toolkit, linked to the American Diabetes Association’s standards of care, to help people in recovery manage their diabetes and pre-diabetes. The UIC Center has released this special free Diabetes Education Toolkit,  which is designed to help people understand and manage their diabetes or pre-diabetes. It includes a library of newly-created, user-friendly educational handouts and podcasts covering diabetes basics, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and managing complications of diabetes.  Also included is an interactive chart that cross-walks library contents with the American Diabetes Association’s standards of care. People in mental health recovery, their supporters, and clinicians will find the Toolkit beneficial.  Access the Toolkit here:  http://www.cmhsrp.uic.edu/health/diabetes-library-home.asp  (The UIC Center is funded by NIDRR and CMHS)


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The Repository of Employment and Vocational Recovery Resources (REVR) is an online archive of employment materials with a specific focus on vocational recovery.  It is being designed for a variety of users including Persons with Lived Experience, Peer Support Personnel, and Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Social Security Service, Mental Health and Employment Organizations.  Click here  

If you wish to help us add sites to the repository, please review our criteria and send your suggestions. More information is available at: http://www.bu.edu/cpr/employment/subpages/contribution.html
For the full site, go to http://www.bu.edu/cpr/employment/index.html


Conference Board Update


The conference board is updated on a monthly basis. Send us information about conferences. psyrehab@bu.edu


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