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Dori Hutchinson and Larry Kohn of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation recently appeared on the program Chronicle (WCVB Channel 5). The programs theme was:

“Today’s students are overworked, in hock, and under immense pressure to succeed. And then waiting for them after graduation: an unforgiving job market. It’s a formula for intense stress – and it’s taking a toll on campus. One study says that student mental health is at a 25-year low”. 

The program reviewed how local college officials are dealing with the problem, and what students are doing themselves to cope with the demands of college life.


Global Leadership Institute

What is it?

Individuals with serious mental illnesses can and do recover, to claim or reclaim a meaningful life.  The GLI is an ongoing training program to create an international network of leaders in mental health supported in fostering the development of recovery oriented practice for individuals with serious mental illnesses or psychiatric disabilities.

Who is it for?

We will train individuals who, together with key stakeholders from their region, have some connection and/or influence on services for those with serious mental illnesses and are looking for ways to implement recovery oriented services.  Potential candidates include people such as: leaders of professions serving those with serious mental illnesses, leaders of associations advocating for this group; agency administrators, administrators of government bodies/agencies/divisions; system administrators, legislators, researchers, program evaluators or others.

We are looking for  regional groups, including at least one individual with his/her own experience of mental illnesses ( also identified as “users” “survivors”, “consumers”, “ex-patients”, “experts by experience”)  or family members. Professionals with their own experience of serious mental illnesses (e. g, administrators, legislators, researchers/program evaluators, educators) who are emerging leaders in recovery and/or psychiatric rehabilitation are particularly welcome.

When does it begin?

Applications are due Feb 25th 2013. The one-week classroom session will begin the end of May /early June 2013. 6 months of mentorship will follow.

If you are interested, please contact Marianne Farkas, ScD., Director of Training, Dissemination and Technical Assistance at  for an application form.


Upcoming Training

Webinar: Wed, Dec. 12th at 3:00 p.m. EST

Introduction to Vocational Peer Support:  A New Specialty in Peer Specialist Services

This webinar will describe the Vocational Peer Support (VPS) Training Curriculum and anecdotal experiences from five pilot trainings across the United States.  The VPS  Training is a continuing education program for Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) that prepares them to utilize their skills and personal lived experience of vocational recovery to inspire hope and model vocational recovery.

The training teaches skills needed to support others to choose, get and keep meaningful education or employment from the unique place of one who has also walked the road, and does not duplicate services currently offered by employment specialists, rehabilitation counselors, etc.  Join us to hear about 3 years of experiences from the curriculum writers as well as training participants who are using the skills in the field.

Presenters:   Debbie Nicolellis, M.S., CRC/LRC  Project Manager , BU Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Lyn Legere, M.S., CPRP, C.P.S.   Director of Life Long Learning, Transformation Center Inc., Boston, MA. and VPS Trainee from Advocates Inc., Framingham, MA.

There will be a minimal charge for each workshop of $10 per session and an additional $10 if you wish to receive formal credits.   For information and registration go to:




November 1, 2012, Contact: Rob Gaither,  202-336-5786 *
The American Psychological Association is pleased to announce it is now the publisher of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal (PRJ) which is the official journal of the United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA) and the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University. First published in 1977, the mission of the journal is to promote the development of new knowledge related to psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery of persons with serious mental illnesses.

The journal is edited by Judith A. Cook, PhD and Kim T. Mueser, PhD. Dr. Cook is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy in the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Mueser is a Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and Executive Director of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University.

Articles published in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal are also available through PsycARTICLES®, the most used full-text database in psychology and one of the most popular databases in all scholarly disciplines and fields. PsycARTICLES is available to a global audience of nearly 3,200 institutions and 60 million potential users.

Prospective contributors and subscribers are encouraged to visit the journal’s APA homepage:   

For the full press release, go to:


Call for Papers :  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

Articles • Brief Reports • Coping With• Speaking Out

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal (PRJ) publishes original contributions related to the rehabilitation, psychosocial treatment, and recovery of people with serious mental illnesses. PRJ’s target audience includes psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners and researchers, as well as recipients of mental health and rehabilitation services.

PRJ encourages submissions regarding mechanisms of change in rehabilitation and psychosocial treatment programs, as well as evaluation studies of model programs, and investigations of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of programs conducted in “real world” settings. Also welcome are descriptive studies of “cutting edge” programs, especially those informed by the lived experience of mental illness. For full information see:


 Call for Articles!

The CPR Newsletter is now accepting material for its next edition.

We will be focusing on Mental Health and Careers.
Contact: Derek Fulker at for submission information  

For a recent addition see:


Internet Resources

Tips for preventing the holiday blues and staying sober:

Psychiatrists approve vast changes to diagnosis manual:

Research may redefine ‘recovery’ in bipolar disorder:


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