April 2012 eCast

Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is conducting a research study on how adults with psychiatric conditions view work

Who can participate?
· Individuals who feel comfortable filling out a survey about their view of work
· Individuals between the ages 18-32 years in recovery from a psychiatric condition
· Individuals currently employed or employed for at least six months in the past three years

What does it involve?
· Filling out the survey electronically for 45 minutes

What are the benefits of participating in the research study?
· This study can tell the mental health and vocational rehabilitation fields about how people with psychiatric disabilities view their work

Compensation and other information about the study
· You will receive a total of $25 for filling out the survey
· We will maintain confidentiality and privacy of the information you provide
· Your participation in the study is completely voluntary

If you would like more information please contact Dr. Uma Millner at 617-353-3549 or umillner@bu.edu.
We will be in touch with you about the study

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations to Maria Restrepo-Toro, Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Senior Trainer Associate, who has been selected as a recipient of USPRA’s “Awards of Distinction” (Leroy Spaniol Educator Award).

She will be honored at a ceremony on May 22nd as part of the 37th Annual USPRA Conference. For details on the conference go to our conference board site or to http://uspra.info/EMarketing/WhereWillYouBe.html

New on FB and Twitter

The UIC Center on Psychiatric Disability and Co-Occurring Medical Conditions is now on FaceBook and Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/UICHealthRRTC and http://twitter.com/#!/UICHealthRRTC
Receive updates on the Center’s research, training, tools, and activities to improve the mental and physical health of people in recovery.

New Website on Human Resilience

The Institute for the Study of Human Resilience has negotiated with publishers and authors to offer several full-text educational downloads of resilience, recovery and schizophrenia writings. http://www.bu.edu/resilience/examples/

WRAP Retreat

Join experienced recovery educators for a week of activities, workshops, and fun while expanding your wellness toolbox, trying new things, and focusing on your personal wellness. Recovery educators will be on hand to support participants in writing, expanding or updating their WRAPs.

Arrive Sunday for dinner and for “get to know each other” activities. Each day will start out with the full group delving into either writing or expanding their Wellness Recovery Action Plan with a special focus on balancing your wellness toolbox, identifying your triggers and early warning signs, and building support into your life. The afternoons will consist of concurrent workshops to get your mind and body moving. Workshops will include yoga, tai chi, art activities, journaling, mediation, Zumba, discussions on sex and intimacy, spirituality, addiction related topics, facilitating WRAP, and much more. Each activity will be followed by a chance to deeply reflect on how these things could fit fully into your own life. The Retreat wraps up on Friday at lunchtime when all participants will receive certificates for their participation at a celebration of continuing wellness. The Wellness Retreat is open to anyone from WRAP beginners to Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators. Attending the Wellness Retreat will qualify participants for WRAP Facilitator Training.

Tuition: $750 including all meals, activities, and lodging for the 5 nights/6 days. Participants are responsible for their own travel. Advance payment plans possible. A special commuter fee is available for those in Western MA who wish to commute each day. Inquire through the Copeland Center.
To apply:
Location: Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center (53 Mill Street, Westfield, MA 01085). For more information including availability of scholarships, please contact Katie Wilson, Director of Marketing and Special Projects, katiejwilson@gmail.com

Stress Management Can Be Taught Online

In a small study, researchers have shown that meditation and stress management techniques can be taught using an online virtual community. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MHG) believe the use of a virtual environment to teach mind/body relaxation techniques can improve access for a variety of individuals including those in rural communities and among people with physical mobility problems. For more information go to

Limited Time Offer!

During the month of April, we’re offering a special promotion. If you purchase the Readings in Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Recovery book, then you’ll get a copy of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation book for Free!
For more information about these books, go to: Readings in Psych Rehab & Recovery:
Psychiatric Rehabilitation:

50% off the Rehabilitation Readiness Trainer Package!!

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Technology for Rehabilitation Readiness has three components: Assessing Readiness, Developing Readiness, and Connecting. Each component includes a trainer module and a participant reference handbook with lecture summaries, examples, practice exercises, and skill evaluation checklists. This trainer package also includes a text, Introduction to Rehabilitation Readiness, which has a brief overview of psychiatric rehabilitation. For more information about the Rehabilitation Readiness Trainer Package,
go to: www.bu.edu/cpr/products/curricula/technology/readiness.html

Conference Board Update

The Conference Board website has been revised and updated. You may need to refresh or reload the page to see the update. Click here.   www.bu.edu/cpr/resources/CPRConferenceboard.html

Included on the conference board is information about the 2012 USPRA Annual Conference: A Lure to Effective Practice


Watch for special workshops to be held at Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. June 4, 5 and 6. Details to be announced soon on Facebook. We anticipate that scholarships will be available.

We are on Facebook!

To keep up to date with us, catch us on Facebook. Facebook viewers can often see an early edition of this eCast as well as photos.


Presentation to be made on PhotoVoice

Philippe P. Bloch, M.Ed., will be presenting “Finding your Voice through PhotoVoice” on Wed. May 9, 2012 at the The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Boston’s bi-monthly special event. The Presentation will be from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. and will be free and open to the public: donations are welcome at the door. DBSA-Boston meets in the de Marneffe Cafeteria at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA.

PhotoVoice is a participant-based research methodology which encourages groups of people to represent the issues that matter in their lives with cameras, and then write brief narratives to accompany the photos. PhotoVoice has been used effectively and studied at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Boston.

Mr. Bloch will present some of the ways PhotoVoice has been found to be effective in a randomized controlled trial that was run at our Center, plus present some of the narratives and photos. A wide selection of the works will be displayed in physical form. For some examples see our Facebook page.

Click here for a text for the project http://www.bu.edu/cpr/products/curricula/photovoice.html or go to www.bu.edu/cpr/products/curricula/photovoice.

50% off Promotion of Toward a Vision of Recovery book + DVD

The multimedia product Toward a Vision of Recovery is now on sale for 50% off the original price! It includes a 30-minute presentation on DVD, “On the Road to Recovery” by William Anthony, produced by California Alliance for the Mentally Ill and a companion book that includes six articles on recovery by William Anthony. For more information, refer to the following webpage at: www.bu.edu/cpr/products/multimedia/recoveryv.html

For any questions, please contact Sue McNamara by e-mail at suemac@bu.edu or by phone at (617) 358-2574.

For information about any of our products, contact Sue McNamara at suemac@bu.edu or call us at (617) 358-2574.