February 2012 eCast

Training Opportunities from the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Peer Leadership Skills

The Peer Leadership Skills training is a three-day training conducted at your program site by a peer trainer to develop peers’ skills in strategic planning, communication, conflict resolution, and inspiring others.

The training consists of lectures, self-assessments, and practice exercises with feedback. Each participant will develop a personalized plan to continue strengthening his/her leadership skills.

Contact Dr. Cheryl Gagne at 617 353 3549 or cgagne@bu.edu if you are interested in learning more about these training opportunities.


Congratulations to Dori Hutchinson, Sc.D., BU CPR Director of Services, on publication of “Empathy as a College Suicide Prevention Strategy “ in the College Health in Action newsletter.

See: www.bu.edu/cpr/resources/articles/2012/CollegeSuicidePreventionStrategy1.pdf

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Video Now Available

A video montage of a collection of postcards received during Boston University’s

2010 BU SECRET event is available on our Facebook site and at  www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbX2siSMSkA

Opportunity for Peer-Run Organization

There is an opportunity to apply for a contract sub-award under SAMHSA’s Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy (BRSS TACS) initiative. The BRSS TACS State Peer Awards for Health Care Reform Education will enable peer-run organizations in the 29 States with HHS Health Insurance Exchange Establishment Grants to undertake outreach and dissemination efforts to educate people in recovery from behavioral health conditions (i.e., mental health and/or substance use disorders) and service providers about health care reforms initiated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010.
For an overview see http://tie.samhsa.gov/Documents/pdf/factsheet_plain.pdf

Information about the BRSS TACS State Peer Awards for Health Care Reform Education application, expectations of awardees, and activities, may be found at the following address – http://brsstacs.center4si.com/State_Peer_Awards.doc and questions about the Request for Application (RFA) must be submitted by February 24, 2012 to Rebecca Stouff, by electronic mail to rstouff@center4si.com, or by U.S. mail to Rebecca Stouff, Center for Social Innovation, 200 Reservoir Street, Suite 202, Needham, MA 02494. Questions about BRSS TACS may be directed to the SAMHSA Project Officers, Catherine Nugent, at cathy.nugent@samhsa.hhs.gov or 240-276-1577 or Kevin Malone at kevin.malone@samhsa.hhs.gov or 240.276.2239. Thank you for your efforts to promote the health and well-being of the citizens of your State.

Conference Board Update

The Conference Board website has been revised and updated.

You may need to refresh or reload the page to see the update. Click here.

Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is conducting a research study on how adults with psychiatric conditions view work

Who can participate?

· Individuals who feel comfortable filling out a survey about their view of work
· Individuals between the ages 18-32 years in recovery from a psychiatric condition
· Individuals currently employed or employed for at least six months in the past three years

What does it involve?

· Filling out the survey electronically for 45 minutes

What are the benefits of participating in the research study?

· This study can tell the mental health and vocational rehabilitation fields about how people with psychiatric disabilities view their work.

Compensation and other information about the study

· You will receive a total of $25 for filling out the survey
· We will maintain confidentiality and privacy of the information you provide
· Your participation in the study is completely voluntary.

If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Uma Millner at 617-353-3549 or umillner@bu.edu
We will be in touch with you about the study.

Webinar on Thursday, February 16, 2012
“Poverty and Mental Illness”

with Amy Zulich and Donita Diamata

This webinar, conducted by the Peerlink National Technical Assistance Center will examine the impact poverty has on mental health and well-being. It will examine the prevalence of poverty within the mental health consumer community and the complacency we have as a society and within the mental health system that people diagnosed with mental health issues are generally poor. This issue is part of a greater, on-going conversation intended to prompt change in the mental health system and create supports that help mental health consumers to ultimately move out of poverty.

This webinar takes place: Thursday, February 16, 2012 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Pacific, 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. It will be presented live via teleconference and web interface. To receive an invite to register for these events, send an e-mail to: rsvppeerlink@gmail.com with the title of the webinar as the subject.

Distance Learning Options

The Professional Development Program offers several Self-Paced Study options that can be used for individuals or with groups. These distance learning options include:

· Online Courses: Psychiatric rehabilitation courses and other various topics in the field are available for online study, http://www.bu.edu/cpr/training/distance/seminars/index.html

· Books + Tests: A reading and testing format, using books published by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, http://www.bu.edu/cpr/training/distance/bookstests.html

· Journal + Tests: A reading and testing format, using issues of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal published by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and the International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, http://www.bu.edu/cpr/training/distance/journal.html

If you have any questions, contact Sue McNamara by e-mail at suemac@bu.edu or by telephone at (617) 358-2574

PRJ Special Issue on Young Adults with Mental Health Challenges

The Winter 2012 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal is a Special Issue addressing Young Adults with Mental Health Challenges. Guest Editors, Maryann Davis, Nancy Koroloff, and Marsha Langer Ellison, provided guidance and expertise to invited authors to develop articles that describe examples of current efforts to modify and test the effectiveness of evidence-based interventions, originally for other age groups, on this population. Additionally, papers investigate elements of services that may have particular importance for this age group. Read about the Table of Contents and more about the various articles at: http://www.bu.edu/cpr/prj/index.html

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