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Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D. is now Executive Director

Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D. is now Executive Director of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University. He also holds the position of Professor at Boston University. The effective date was November 1, 2011. More details on our Facebook Site.

NEW! Essential Guide to Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practice

Take the opportunity to advance your understanding of the psychiatric rehabilitation process with this Essential Guide to Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practice by William A. Anthony & Marianne D. Farkas. Features of the Guide include checklists, case examples, and key principles that support effective implementation. The psychiatric rehabilitation process effectively helps people living with psychiatric disabilities become more successful and satisfied in living, working, learning, and social environments of their choice in any program model, setting or discipline.

For more information:
For any questions, please contact Sue McNamara by e-mail at or by phone at (617) 358-2574.

The British Ministry of Defense has launched a campaign to promote better awareness of the mental health injuries of war.

Called “Don’t Bottle It Up”, the campaign aims to remove the stigma from wounds that cannot be seen – and urges servicemen and women not to ignore the warning signs. Click here for more information.

NEW! PVRCanada: Supporting the Realization of Meaningful Employment

PVRCanada is now being offered in Modular format: Take one Module, or take them all!

Announcing Module 1 Training Session: Identifying Employment Support Needs November 21-22, 2011, Toronto, ON.

Participation Options:
1. Workshop Participant: Attend a two-day training session, receive the session materials, and obtain a Certificate of Attendance.
2. Certificate Participant: The PVR Certificate is comprised of six Modules in total. Attend the two-day training, receive all materials, associated readings, and practical application assignment with support for immediate utilization of new skills and tools. (2012 Modules are to be held in January 30-31, March 26-27, June 04-05, September 17-18, and Nov. 05-06).

Space is limited – register in advance! To Register: Contact Christine Grace McMulkin of Christine Grace and Community ( ) or call Christine at 416.628.4683. Contact Debbie Nicolellis at Boston University for more on the Certificate Program in PVR, or click here to see our website .  PVRCanada Module Series offered in collaboration by Christine Grace and Community and the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University.

Conference Board Update

The Conference Board website has been revised and updated. You may need to refresh or reload the page in your browser to see the update. Click here.

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New Health Resource from UIC Center on Psychiatric Disability & Co-occurring Medical Conditions

With the launching of HHS’s Million Hearts Initiative, are you wondering how you can help people achieve their heart health goals? The UIC Center is offering a new approach to facilitate weight management and well-being among people in mental health recovery. Classes are practical, encouraging, and focus on small goals adding up to big success. Participants learn about realistic weight loss targets, nutrition facts and food labels, the value of physical activity, meal planning on a budget, tips for healthy eating in restaurants, and cooking to support a healthier lifestyle. They also read testimonials from peers who are meeting their wellness and weight goals. Start a class today by downloading the free leader and participant manuals. Click here. The Center is funded by NIDRR & CMHS.

NEW!! Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities

The Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities is a new product, published by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, designed to facilitate a personal exploration, either independently or with support, through the process of considering, choosing, getting, and keeping a preferred living, learning, working, or social role.

Activity outlines, examples, and worksheets in this manual are written to help individuals learn about the processes through the experience of direct application. The process in this manual is designed to assist a person to explore and learn about what is involved in developing readiness for rehabilitation; choosing a valued role in residential, educational, vocational, and social settings; and reviewing the skills and supports that may be needed for success and satisfaction within a chosen role. These Self-Directed Activities may be used independently, with a support person, or with a small group of peers.

A valuable resource for individuals, peers, mental health and rehabilitation service providers, family members, and others, Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities is designed to be a user-friendly tool either to introduce a person to this rehabilitation process or to build on past experiences in choosing, getting and keeping a valued role.

For more information, click here. For any questions, please contact Sue McNamara by e-mail at or by phone at (617) 358-2574.