Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast July 2010

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Latino Provider Consumer training.

A culturally appropriate curriculum that responds to the growing urgency to engage more Spanish-speaking peers in the mental health and rehabilitation workforce is now available!

This training program has three integrally connected, but independent elements. The first introduces rehabilitation and recovery skills, the second provides background information and a foundation for peer providers, while the third looks to enhance peer leadership skills. While each component is complete in and of itself and can be used individually, together, these three elements provide a comprehensive approach to peer provider training

Entrecruzando Nuestros Caminos: Entrenamiento Para Compañeros-promotores de Recuperación y Rehabilitación.

The Recovery and Rehabilitation module “Entrecruzando nuestros Caminos” teaches Spanish-speaking peers about the process of recovery from a mental illness and running recovery groups. It also introduces the process of rehabilitation along with some specific components. For information see:

Latino BestNow

The BestNow program component is a nine-month training program to enhance self-awareness as well as strengthen the skills and knowledge of individuals who are interested in working in the human services field. The training includes five months of classroom instruction and a paid internship. For more information please contact Barbara Lewis-Clarke or go to:

Academia de Liderazgo

The Leadership Academy offers a nationally recognized 3 day training program involving citizenship, advocacy, leadership, and organizational skills for consumers (Sabin & Daniels, 2002). It has practical applicability in advancing the consumer perspective in service and policy decision-making, as well as its well-known reputation as a vehicle for consumer organization. For information, go to:

Don’t miss the Summer Issue of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Online Now Available

This month features a Special Section of articles Guest Edited by Patricia E. Deegan, Robert E. Drake and Charles A. Rapp on the topic of shared decision making in mental health. In this issue:

  • Learn how Common-Ground, a web-based application, supports recovery and shared decision making in psychiatric medication clinics.
  • Review a recent study that examined how people living with severe mental illnesses view decision- making with case managers in the public mental health system.

View the complete list of articles available in this issue at /prj or browse the archive of online articles by clicking on the journal cover at

Articles you might be interested in:

“Systematic Review of Peer Delivered Services Literature 1989-2009”
Conducted by The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, with support from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, this article includes a Plain Language Summary. Find it at

FREE Introductory Webinar: July 26 2010

Join us for a no-cost introduction to the webinars in psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery offered by the Center over the next four years. This series was developed to assist psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners in delivering psychiatric rehabilitation and to promote consumer participation in rehabilitation research. The July 26 – Supervision in Psychiatric Rehabilitation: 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. EDT is still open. To register: please go to or, for information, you may contact Joan Rapp at 617-353-3549 or These webinars are supported through a grant from NIDRR/CMHS*

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Book Promotion extended throughout the Summer 2010

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