Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast May 2010

The Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast is a monthly emailed newsletter with the purpose of informing mental health and rehabilitation networks worldwide about the activities and resources produced by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation as well as for disseminating general mental health and rehabilitation news.


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Webinar Series Scheduled June & July 2010

This Webinar series is offered to assist psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners in their efforts to promote consumer participation in the rehabilitation process and in rehabilitation research. Supervisors of psychiatric rehabilitation programs will particularly benefit from the final webinar which addresses the training, supervision, support and evaluation of staff. This series is a no cost introduction to the webinars in psychiatric rehabilitation which the Center will be offering over the next four years. All webinars are scheduled from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time

WEBINAR 1   June 15 – Entrecruzando Nuestros Caminos: Opening the doors to Hispanic/ Latino Peer Providers. Maria E. Restrepo-Toro, M.S., Senior  Trainer Associate, Founder of the Latino Initiatives at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University

WEBINAR 2   June 23 – Building a Motivational Foundation for Vocational Change. Debbie Nicolellis, M.S., Director of  Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University

WEBINAR 3  July 19 – Participatory Action Research & Developing Roles for Mental Health Consumers. E. Sally Rogers, Sc.D., Director of Research for Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University and Jonathan Delman, MPH, JD, PhD (cand.), Executive Director, Consumer Quality Initiatives, Inc.

WEBINAR 4:  July 26 – Supervision in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs. Marianne Farkas, Sc.D., Director of Training, Technical Assistance and Dissemination and Rick Forbess, M.S.S.W., Associate Director of Training and Cheryl Gagne, Sc.D., Senior Trainer,  Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University

For more information or to register please go to or contact Joan Rapp at 617-353-3549 or


Professional Development Program (PDP) Offers New Book and Test

The Center’s Professional Development Program (PDP) offers a new Book and Test option for Group Process Guidelines for Leading Groups and Classes. Successful completion of the test earns 20 PDP hours. PDP hours are recognized for Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Massachusetts Social Workers and Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners (CPRP) preparing or the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Certification Program. For more information about the Books + Tests options and about ordering, go to:


National ADA Symposium to be held in Denver, Colorado

The National ADA Symposium is the most comprehensive conference available on the Americans with Disabilities Act and the working lives of people with disabilities. To be held in Denver, Colorado from June 20-23, 2010, the Symposium will provide the latest information on new federal regulations and the ADA Amendments Act with 48 simultaneous sessions. For a complete overview of sessions and to register, go to


Community Integration: Supporting People in Getting What They Want

Community Integration: Supporting People in Getting What They Want

A new 6 module online course provides an overview of community integration that is based on self-determination values, disability theory, research evidence, and successful practices.  Prepared by faculty of the Penn Collaborative on Community Integration of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities, this course option is approved for 6 continuing education credits by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and by USPRA for Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners. For information and to register, go to to register.