Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast March 2010

The Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast is a monthly emailed newsletter with the purpose of informing mental health and rehabilitation networks worldwide about the activities and resources produced by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation as well as for disseminating general mental health and rehabilitation news.


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Call for Papers

The PRJ is seeking article and brief report submissions focused on the rehabilitation and recovery of people with serious mental illnesses. Submissions may include, but are not limited to, qualitative and quantitative research studies on innovative program models and topics of employment, education, housing, health promotion, peer support, and system change efforts.

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Free Webinar on Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Mental Health Courts

Judge Ginger Werner Wren, County Court Judge, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida, Court for Individuals with Mental Illnesses will present an overview on the history and evolution of Problem Solving Courts, including drug courts, mental health courts, and other models of therapeutic jurisprudence and the application of psychiatric rehabilitation principles as a means of achieving therapeutic outcome from both a public safety and public health perspectives in these courts. This free webinar is scheduled for April 9, 2010 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST.

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SAMHSA 10X10 Wellness Campaign Training Teleconference

What are the implications of the findings of higher rates of illness and shorter life spans among people with mental health problems than among the general public, and how can the mental health community promote wellness? To help consumers and providers explore this question, the SAMHSA 10×10 Wellness Campaign invites you to a free training teleconference entitled “Focus on Wellness to Increase Life Expectancy and Healthy Living of Individuals with Mental Health Problems” to be held Tuesday, March 30, 2010 from 3:00 to 4:30 PM EST.

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PLEASE NOTE: Registration will close at 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday, March 23, 2010.

Mental Health Transformation Grants

SAMHSA announces new grant funding that includes increasing employment and education for adults diagnosed with mental illnesses among its priorities.  Only State and local governments and federally recognized tribes may apply, so others will have to partner with a government agency in order to apply.  Deadline for applications is April 30, 2010.

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Report Examines Best Practices in Consumer-Led Evaluation Teams

Consumer Quality Initiatives, Inc. ( has prepared an exploratory examination of consumer-led evaluation teams in order to identify best practices in consumer-run evaluation. A report entitled “Consumer Led Evaluation Teams: A Peer Led Approach to Assessing Consumer Experiences with Mental Health Services discusses the methodology used to conduct this examination, the findings, and identified best practices for approaching this work.

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