Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast May 2009

The Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast is a monthly emailed newsletter with the purpose of informing mental health and rehabilitation networks worldwide about the activities and resources produced by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation as well as for disseminating general mental health and rehabilitation news.


New Book of Recovery Stories and Images

Based on requests from the field, Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation has published a second book of personal accounts of the process of recovery as experienced by individuals with serious mental illnesses. Voices of Recovery consists of two different types of “voices.”  The first “voice” is in the form of articles on recovery that were published in the Coping With column of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal from the years 2000 through 2008. The second “voice” is a collection of Photovoice works, which includes a photograph with short narrative explaining the consumer photographer’s point of view.

These inspirational contributions remind us that recovery is not only possible — recovery is real!  For more information and a preview of this new book, go to: /products/books/titles/book-voices-of-recovery. For questions about products published by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, contact Sue McNamara by e-mail at or by phone at (617) 358-2574.


Advanced Workshops in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation

June 9-11, 2009 at Boston University, Boston, MA

Workshops teach hands-on skills in helping to:

  • prepare for and obtain employment,
  • create job opportunities, and
  • maximize retention.

Workshop class size is limited to 35 participants. Lodging: One space left at BU’s beautiful 10 Buick St. Residence at only $58/night.
Find out details and register at


Top Recovery Resources for Mental Health by State

Through its work to ensure accessible, high quality, recovery-oriented services to members and families in southern and southeastern Arizona, The Community Partnership of Southern Arizona (CPSA) identified mental health and social service information and resources that individuals in the recovery process need regardless of where they live. Because having that information is so important, CPSA compiled their 20 most important resource links for each of the 50 states (and Washington, DC). Click on the interactive map at and find resources for: protection and advocacy, psychiatric advance directives, housing, employment services, mental health authority, national association local offices, and much more.


Video Highlights Use of Photovoice in Expressing Experience of Stigma

“Beyond the Shadows of Stigma” highlights works from a gallery showing produced by participants in the Photovoice course, “Taking off the Blinders: A Project to Combat Stigma and Discrimination.”  The 8-minute online video poignantly captures the essence of the Photovoice experience through interviews with participants and the works they created.

Photovoice puts cameras in the hands of individuals and asks them to produce statements made up of pictures and words that communicate their experience. This Photovoice course, developed as an intervention at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University, supports the personal empowerment of those living with serious mental illnesses in combating stigma. Watch the video at


Conference Celebrates 100 Years of Advocacy

Mental Health America Centennial Conference
“Celebrating the Legacy, Forging the Future”
June 10-13, 2009 | Washington, D.C.

Join affiliates, consumers, educators and advocates together with inspiring speakers, innovative thinkers and dynamic national leaders in exploring the current environment and salient issues that will determine the path to moving mental health forward. Gain critical insights into public opinions, healthcare reform efforts, cutting-edge science and research, veterans’ issues, and the future of mental health leadership and technology. Get the latest inside information from Washington experts and policy makers on the role mental health will play in health care reform efforts. Become empowered to lobby Senators and Representatives and influence their actions. Find out more at


Scholarship Deadline Approaching for Conference

Alternatives 2009
“Uniting Our Movement for Change”
October 28 – November 1, 2009 | Omaha, Nebraska

The Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Support, Technical Assistance and Resource Center (STAR Center) are planning to provide financial support to consumers of mental health services who wish to participate in the 2009 Alternatives Conference.  The conference host is the National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse. A purpose of the conference is to foster transformation of the mental health system to focus on recovery. To be eligible for this scholarship, a completed application and letter of recommendation must be received by U.S. Mail, postmarked on or before the deadline of June 5, 2009.  Application available at


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