Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast April 2009

The Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast is a monthly emailed newsletter with the purpose of informing mental health and rehabilitation networks worldwide about the activities and resources produced by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation as well as for disseminating general mental health and rehabilitation news.


Higher Education Support Toolkit

The Higher Education Support Toolkit, developed by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, provides disability service staff and health care staff with a simple way to work with students who are experiencing challenges arising from their psychiatric disability.

Using these worksheets, student and staff together can:

  • identify common disability related limitations
  • create a take-away handout of resources that are campus-specific
  • explore options for utilizing accommodations and
  • determine appropriate strategies for use in the classroom.

The toolkit is available as a free download at the Center’s website at /resources/supportstudents.


Guide to Employment Supports from Social Security

The Social Security Administration has released the “2009 Red Book: A Summary Guide to Employment Supports for Individuals with Disabilities” under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs. The Red Book serves as a general reference source about the employment-related provisions of SSDI and SSI programs for educators, advocates, rehabilitation professionals, and counselors who serve people with disabilities. It is available in English and Spanish at the following link:


Conference on Self-Determination

The Center for Self-Determination will be having its International Conference on Self-Determination from May 3-5, 2009 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The focus will be on the latest information from those directly involved in the implementation of the next generation of self-determination across disabilities and aging. Included at the conference are: Judith Cook, Director of the Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago; and Dan Fisher, Executive Director of the National Empowerment Center. The Center for Self-Determination is a clearinghouse, training and technical assistance source on self-determination; dedicated to moving power and authority over resources directly to individuals with disabilities, families and allies. Find out more at


Videos on Ending Chronic Homelessness

The DVD video series, “Transformation Through Partnerships: Systems Change To End Chronic Homelessness” presents the real-world stories of two cities as they implement strategic planning to coordinate services and collaborate with other organizations. The films chronicle two community organization’s efforts to end chronic homelessness. It follows the organizations as they craft internal and external partnerships to leverage resources to effectively meet the multiple needs of persons who are homeless and have mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders. Included in the DVD package are guides for using the videos as planning tools in the community. This package is available free of charge through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


Redesigned Product Webpages

The Publications Division of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation has recreated the product webpages with additional user-friendly features and information about their books, curricula, workbooks, and multi-media products.  Browse, read excerpts, and shop at: /products.

For any questions about Center products, please contact Sue McNamara by e-mail at or by phone at 617-358-2574.


Mothers with Depression and their Adult Daughters:
Study Seeks Participants

The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is conducting a research study that explores the relationship between mothers with major depression and their adult daughters. We are especially interested in learning about the way that depression affects how mothers and daughters communicate with, support, and feel about one another. We would like to interview mothers with major depression and their adult daughter (18 years of age and older) separately. Participation in this study involves a 90 minute telephone or face-to-face interview, depending on what is most convenient for you.  Each participant will receive $30.00 for her time.  All information from the interviews is strictly confidential. We will not share any information from you with your daughter. Read the recruitment flyer for this research study and to learn how to participate at

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