2009 eCast Archive

December 2009

  • Now Available – Group Process Guidelines for Leading Groups and Classes
  • Center Announces Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Announcing New Class in Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Center Receives Research and Training Center Grant on Improved Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Transition from School to Work Among Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions RTC Awarded

October 2009

  • Food Education Curriculum Now Available
  • Special Issue of Journal focuses on Parents with Psychiatric Disabilities and Their Families
  • Use Copyright Clearance Center Services for Permissions
  • What a Difference a Friend Makes
  • Bring Change 2 Mind

September 2009

  • Revised Recovery Workbook Now Available
  • Initiatives to Support Students in Higher Education
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educators Hold Fall Symposium

August 2009

  • New Guide Available with Principled Leadership Book
  • Free Webinar on Helping Business Incorporate the Value of People with Disabilities into Their Bottom Line
  • New Guide Reviews Research on Law Enforcement Responses to People with Mental Illnesses
  • USPRA Announces Ethics Webinar
  • New Book of Recovery Stories and Images

July 2009

  • Systematic Review of Supported Housing
  • Summer Issue of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Online Now Available
  • Free Webinar Focuses on Getting through Tough Economic Times
  • Working the WRAP with Veterans Free Webinar with Copeland
  • Inform Employers about Benefits of Ticket-to-Work Program through Free Webinar
  • New Resource Educates Latinos about MH Issues

June 2009

  • Curriculum for Training Personal Assistance Service Providers
  • 10 Tools to “Live your Life Well”
  • Results on Certified Peer Specialist Job Titles and Job Descriptions
  • Free Webcast on Consumer Integration: Why It Matters, How It Works
  • Bringing Together Training in Research, Clinical Experience and Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • New NIMH Video Describes Depression, Importance of Treatment
  • Peer-Centered Perspective Featured at Conference
  • Thank you from the makers of the eCast

May 2009

  • New Book of Recovery Stories and Images
  • Advanced Workshops in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Top Recovery Resources for Mental Health by State
  • Video Highlights Use of Photovoice in Expressing Experience of Stigma
  • Conference Celebrates 100 Years of Advocacy
  • Scholarship Deadline Approaching for Conference

April 2009

  • Higher Education Support Toolkit
  • Guide to Employment Supports from Social Security
  • Conference on Self-Determination
  • Videos on Ending Chronic Homelessness
  • Redesigned Product Webpages
  • Mothers with Depression and their Adult Daughters: Study Seeks Participants
  • Special Message from the makers of this eNewsletter

March 2009

  • Comfort Rooms that Work
  • Report Card on State Mental Health Services
  • Online Community for Individuals to Share their Stories
  • Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities
  • National Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign

February 2009

  • Stigma Combated through Photography Intervention
  • Training for Certification as Peer Specialist
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Articles Highlight Recovery and Rehabilitation

January 2009

  • Last Call for Applications
  • Consumer Providers in the Workforce
  • Special Section of Journal focuses on Occupational Therapy and Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Mental Health on Campus Resources
  • The Role and Function of Mental Health Court