Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast
July 2005

The purpose of the Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast is to
inform mental health and rehabilitation networks worldwide about
the activities and resources produced by the Center for Psychiatric
Rehabilitation as well as to disseminate general mental health and
rehabilitation news. This eCast is jointly supported by the Center
for Mental Health Services (CMHS), Substance Abuse and Mental
Health Services Administration and the National Institute on Disability
and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), Department of Education.


The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is hosting the
following four workshops on November 7-10, 2005:
– “Supported Education: Strategies for Success for
Students with Psychiatric Disabilities,”
– “Medicare-Part D: Helping Consumers Choose and
Manage Health Care Plans,”
– “A Call for Action: Integrating Health Promotion into
a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program,” and
– “An Innovative Approach for Engaging Latinos with
Psychiatric Disabilities in Rehabilitation.”
All workshops will be held on the Boston University
Campus. Mark your calendars! Full workshop descriptions and
registration information coming in next month’s eCast.


In this first of two landmark volumes, Recovery from
Severe Mental Illnesses: Research Evidence and Implications
for Practice—Volume 1 editors Larry Davidson, Courtenay
Harding, and LeRoy Spaniol present over 30 years of
accumulating evidence that challenges the long-held
view that severe mental illnesses typically follow a
deteriorating course. Supported through long-term
outcome studies, personal accounts and articles,
this book demonstrates that people with severe
mental illnesses achieve higher levels of role functioning,
adjustment, and subjective well-being than previously
thought. Contributing authors include: William Anthony,
Patricia Deegan, Robert Drake, John Strauss, Mary Ellen
Copeland, Kim Mueser, Luc Ciompi, and other prominent
researchers and advocates in the field of psychiatric
rehabilitation and recovery. To learn more, visit


SAMHSA’S web site recently posted the premiere issue of
Mental Health Transformation Trends, a periodic briefing
to help “identify how the transformation of the mental health
care system can happen” across the nation. The briefing will
also articulate steps that the Agency and its partners are taking
toward creating a Federal Action Agenda for Mental Health,
which will be a roadmap for transformation at the national level.
Both SAMHSA administrator Charles G. Curie, M.A., A.C.S.W., and
Center for Mental Health Services director Kathryn Power, M.Ed.,
contributed to the welcome message.
To read the first issue, visit


This NASMHPD/NTAC e-Report on Recovery features a collection
of essays and information from a variety of national experts
on psychiatric rehabilitation. The report includes a panel
discussion on workforce issues, a preview of measurement tools
now in development, case studies of successful systems and
ideas at the state and local levels, and print and online resources
for more information.
Check out

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