2004 eCast Archive

December 2004

  • Free Video on Building a Meaningful Life after Hospitalization
  • Center Receives Research and Training Center Grant
  • Recovery Study Seeks Participants for Anonymous Internet Survey
  • Colloquium on Health Promotion Webcast Available for Download
  • Free Article Discusses Study Results on Coping Strategies

November 2004

  • Free Treatment Guide For Youth In Juvenile Justice System
  • Participate In Psych Rehab Audio Conference
  • Integrating Physical And Mental Health Care For People With Serious Mental Disorders
  • Scholarship For Individuals With Severe Mental Illness

October 2004

  • Resource Center Produces Quarterly Memorandums on Discrimination & Stigma
  • UPENN Collaborative on Community Integration Launches Web Site
  • New! Practitioner Tools For Achieving Valued Roles
  • New! Professional Development Program Online Seminar

September 2004

  • Article Available for Free Download
  • Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation Certificate Program Announces 2005 Class!
  • In Recovery: The Making of Mental Health Policy
  • Repository of Recovery Resources Flyer

July 2004

  • Announcing a Web-Based Repository of Recovery Resources
  • ICDR Seeks Input on Research Needs from Disability Community
  • New Family Trainer & Participant Manual on CD
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educator’s Group Newsletter

June 2004

  • SAMSHA Launches Multimedia Mental Health Education Effort
  • Photovoice Class Offered in Recovery Center
  • Discounts Available for People with Psychiatric Disabilities and their Families
  • Self-Determination Workshop Series Training Program

May 2004

  • SAMHSA New Conference Grant Program
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Product Special for May 2004!
  • Free Download: Self-Determination Workbook
  • Participate in a NAMI Walk
  • Alternatives to Traditional Staff Training

April 2004

  • The Principle of Personhood
  • Last call for applications in Psych Vocational Rehabilitation certificate program
  • The PDP online seminar series is complete
  • National forum of the 30th institute on rehab issues

March 2004

  • Spring Workshop Series at Boston University April 12-15, 2004
  • Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders Webcast Archived
  • Free Article Examines Treatments for Chronic Insomnia for People with Mental Illness

February 2004

  • Spring Workshop Series
  • Self Determination & Mental Wellness Conference: Call for Papers
  • Free Article Related to Psych Rehab Service Needs of Women

January 2004

  • Mental Health Recovery Training
  • Peer Support Conference
  • Vocational Rehab Training Program for Practitioners
  • Participate in an Online Seminar to Fulfill Your Licensing Requirements
  • Praise for New Book by Robert Gary Neugeboren