Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast
November, 2003


The Center is the process of developing a website repository of recovery resource materials to assist state mental health administrators and consumers in state offices of consumer/recipient affairs in their work to create more recovery-oriented systems. Data is being collected from these two groups to learn about recovery-oriented systems and services as well as what resource materials and training activities have been helpful to support recovery. We also welcome suggestions on useful articles, books, documents, reports, multimedia, training and educational resources, and/or websites related to recovery from mental illness. To suggest a resource, please access the following link:


A recent article entitled “Identifying functional limitations in work for people with psychiatric disabilities” highlights the results of a multi-site, longitudinal study that was conducted with 191 employees in 22 supported employment programs during a 1-year study period. The purpose of the study was to better understand the impact of functional limitations related to employment and to assist both consumers and practitioners develop reasonable accommodations needed to be successful on the job. You can download the full-text article authored by MacDonald-Wilson, Rogers & Lyass by accessing the following link:


The Center offers two training resources related to co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness. The first is a training package based on an audiotaped workshop entitled “Integrated Treatment of Dual Disorders: Substance Use Disorder and Severe Mental Illness” conducted by Dr. Kim Mueser, PhD, Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Community and Family Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School. The materials focus on the components of interfaced treatments; how interventions can be modified to match each client’s motivational level for changing his or her behavior and individual, group, and family interventions for treating these disorders. For more information on the audiotaped workshop, please access the following link:

The second resource is the book “A Comprehensive Guide for Integrated Treatment of People with Co-Occurring Disorders” which is intended for use in an academic course or for in-service training. For more information on the book, please access the following link:

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