Mental Health & Rehabilitation eCast
February, 2003


If you were unable to attend the Innovations in Recovery & Rehabilitation conference in October 2002, you now have an opportunity to view a webcast of the keynote speech delivered by Dr. William Anthony. The webcast entitled, “The Decade of the Person and the Walls that Divide Us” describes examples of “walls” existing in the field of mental health and highlights the necessity of tearing down these barriers that continue to isolate individuals diagnosed with mental illness from themselves and from one another. A transcript of the webcast is also available for download. To view the webcast, please access the following link:


The Latino Initiatives section of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation’s web site is now available in Spanish. New project descriptions, reports, and publications have also been translated and are available for download. One such publication includes the “Guía del modelo de rehabilitación vocacional:Elegir-Conseguir-Retener” (The Choose-Get-Keep Guide to Vocational Rehabilitation). The Guide describes an approach that emphasizes consumer choice, opportunity, growth, and movement toward vocational goals. To view please visit the following link:
To also view an article featuring the Latino Initiatives, access the following link:


A new product in our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner Tools series was recently produced for Achieving Valued Roles, which is a Compendium of Evaluation Modules & Lesson Plans for 68 skills. There is a Skill Assessment to determine what skills an individual might need to achieve goals in residential, educational, vocational, or social settings. The Evaluation Modules are used to determine which skills the individual needs to be taught versus those skills that only need to be improved. The Lesson Plans are used by practitioners to conduct small group (or individual) Direct Skills Teaching interventions that help participants learn how to perform a skill. These very practical and “hands on” materials were developed by the Center’s affiliate organization, BCPR Consulting, Inc.


The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation has scheduled a workshop entitled “Connectedness: Learning Skills for Personal Growth” to be held Monday, April 28, 2003 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the Boston University campus. This workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn how to organize, recruit, and teach the skills of connectedness. The workshop was developed as a sequential component to the “Recovery Workbook: Practical Coping and Empowerment Strategies for People with Psychiatric Disabilities” which is used to train consumers/survivors and others in the recovery process.


The latest issue of the Recovery & Rehabilitation newsletter highlights the Consumer Operated Service Program (COSP) Multisite Research Initiative funded by the Center for Mental Health Services from 1998 to 2002. The newsletter emphasizes the collaboration of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation with the St. Louis Empowerment Center as one of the multisites in the study. To view information about COSP, access the following link:

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