2003 eCast Archive

December 2003

  • Self-Determination Booklets for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Recovery Education Resource Newsletter
  • New Self-Paced Study Option for Professional Development Program

November 2003

  • IAPSRS Annual Conference 2004
  • Suggest a Recovery Resource for Website Repository
  • Identifying Functional Limitations in Relation to Employment
  • Dual Disorders Training Materials

October 2003

  • Mental Illness Awareness Week October 5-11, 2003
  • National Organizations Team up for Recovery Webcast
  • Mentoring Program Newsletter
  • New Book Authored by Robert Gary Neugeboren

September 2003

  • New SAMHSA Manual Aids Grant Applicants
  • Mental Health Parity Legislation Article Available for Free Download
  • New! Practitioner Tools for Choosing Valued Roles
  • An Array of Information about Rehabilitation Readiness

August 2003

  • RSA Commissioner Speaks at Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation Awards Ceremony
  • Job Accommodation Network Training Symposium
  • Online Survey About Mental Health & Personal Choice
  • Documentary Focuses on Critical Mental Illness Issues

July 2003

  • World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Congress
  • New Professional Development Program Online Seminar
  • Article Discusses Disclosing a Psychiatric Disability in the Workplace
  • UIC Self-Determination Workshop to Focus on Cultural Diversity

June 2003

  • Special Announcement: NIDRR Invites Stakeholder Input Regarding Long Range Plan (2004-2008)
  • Free Recovery Article Available For Download
  • The Infinite Mind on National Public Radio Broadcast Live from the Carter Center
  • New Professional Development Program (PDP) Books & Tests
  • 20% Discount on Award Winning Book “Psychiatric Rehabilitation”

May 2003

  • New Recovery Workbook On Connectedness Available
  • The CPR Catalog Now Lists 45 Published Articles Available For Free Download
  • Assessing & Developing Readiness Newsletter
  • Psych Rehab Practitioner Tools: Assessing & Developing Readiness Now Available In 3 Formats!

April 2003

  • Free Download! Evidence-Based Practices Article Available for a Limited Time
  • New! Audio Taped Workshop Package Available
  • New Offering in Professional Development Program (PDP) in Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • UIC Self-Determination Workshop #4
  • Social Security Administration to Revise Rules for Evaluating Mental Disorders

March 2003

  • Exciting Training Opportunity!
  • Study Findings: People With Serious Mental Illness Use Alternative Health Care To Aid Recovery
  • Recovery Workshop Online Registration Available
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Webcast Archived & Available For Download

February 2003

  • Conference Keynote Webcast Released
  • Spanish Translations Available
  • New! Practitioner Tools for Achieving Valued Roles
  • Recovery Workshop Coming Soon
  • Consumer Operated Service Program Study

January 2003

  • Program Administrators Survey
  • Now Recruiting Mentors in Boston Area
  • Study Findings on Reasonable Workplace Accommodations Available For Download
  • National Research Report on Mental Health Recovery Published