Photo Credit: Brad Montgomery and licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0)

What Is the Opening Doors Research Study?

The Opening Doors Research Study is currently testing the efficacy of the Opening Doors program in helping individuals with psychiatric conditions find a meaningful work life.

Opening Doors is a career counseling program offered at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation for individuals in recovery from mental health conditions. Many individuals with mental health conditions experience a disruption in their work life. These individuals have a wide range of interests and talents that remain untapped in the efforts made to engage them in the workforce. At Opening Doors, we believe that people with diverse abilities are able to work successfully if they receive the supports that they may want or need.

Opening Doors is a combination of a group and individual intervention which uses a mix of traditional career guidance resources, progressive employment principles, and mainstream internet-based resources to support the career development of individuals with mental health conditions.

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