RRTC 2004-2009

Recovery and Recovery–Oriented Psychiatric Rehabilitation for Persons with Long-Term Mental Illness

Marianne Farkas, Sc.D.
Co-Principal Investigator

E. Sally Rogers, Sc.D.
Co-Principal Investigator

The RRTC is divided into two components: the Research Program and the Training, Dissemination and Technical Assistance Program.

Research Program Mission

The mission of the research program of this Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) is to develop and evaluate new knowledge, and based on that new knowledge, to effect changes in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation so that services and systems can be designed to respond to our understanding of the concepts and dimensions of, barriers to, and facilitators of recovery.

Areas of Concentration

The priorities set forth by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research and the Center for Mental Health Services(1) in the Federal Register directed this RRTC toward discovering the concepts and dimensions of recovery and the various factors that inhibit and facilitate recovery from long-term mental illness. RRTC research projects are organized into three main areas:

1. Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration (2004). Federal Register, 69(112), pg 32796. Retrieved from: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/fr/.