Program Training On the Road


We can now bring the Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation to you!

Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation (PVR) is an adaptation of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, an approach to supporting individuals to pursue full, meaningful lives in the settings of their choice. A review of existing research on this approach (Rogers, Anthony & Farkas, 2006) indicates that Psychiatric Rehabilitation has a strong research foundation as a promising practice.

PVR aims to support individuals to choose, get, and keep the employment and educational settings of their choice.  The Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of employment and vocational practitioners to engage people with psychiatric disabilities in the PVR process.

The Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation can now be delivered within your organization, tailored to the unique needs and to the goals of your staff.

In-Service Training 

Goal:  To improve the knowledge, attitudes and competency of practitioners, supervisors, and program administrators interested in supporting the vocational recovery and employment goals of the people they serve.

Method:  Dynamic skill-based trainings are enhanced by practical, hands-on learning, involving immediate skill practice and utilization of new tools, with the onsite and long-distance support of expert trainers to enhance development and usage.

Structure:  The training design and methodology can be tailored according to the needs of your organization.  For more information, contact Project Director Debbie Nicolellis,

Cost:  The cost of the training will depend on location, number of trainees, amount of on-site time desired, etc.  The program can be tailored to program needs.

Past Offerings

Worcester, MA.  The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation offered 3 classes in Worcester, MA, in collaboration with the Assumption College Institute for Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies, Region I Rehabilitation Continuing Education Program.  Over 50 people were trained on-site in Worcester, Massachusetts, from 2001 – 2004.

Singapore.  The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation offered the Certificate Program in collaboration with the Social Sciences Training Institute, Hougang Care Center, and the Singapore Association of Mental Health.  13 people were trained onsite in Singapore in 2005-2006.

Toronto. PVR-Canada is currently offered in collaboration with Christine Grace & Community (formerly Christine Gayler & Associates).

For information contact the Project Director, Debbie Nicolellis at or call 617-353-3549.