What Graduates are Saying


“It’s no exaggeration when I tell you that my Performance has vastly improved since applying some of the PVR principles.”
— Allon Wright, VA Dept. of Rehabilitation Services

“This is the best training I’ve been to since I’ve been at VR”
— Ron Thomas, CT Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

“I am still absorbing all of the information and the excitement of the training. That was fantastic!! Thank you!!”
— Kathleen Allen, SC Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation

“I came back to my work setting feeling energized. People asked me ‘How was the training? Did you learn anything new?’ My automatic response was that it felt like a breath of fresh air.”
— Cathleen Burnett, Northampton VAMC

“Thanks for everything during this year; It was a great learning experience for me! I recommend this program to anyone…”
— Yarisa Bonet, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission


Comments from Administrators

“Programs like this elevate people to lead full and productive lives, to believe in themselves and make their dreams realities.”
—Dr. Frederic Schroeder, Former Commissioner of the Rehabilitation Services Administration.

“Your training has made a big difference! I’m regularly praising Christine for the effective listening and responding skills she is demonstrating. She’s been very enthused over all she has learned and eager to incorporate new ideas into our process. We’ve gained a well-trained staff member who is effectively using her newly learned skills to engage individuals. Also, she has become a great role model to other staff.”

—Bill Gravel, Program Director, Alternatives, Unlimited, Inc., speaking about staff member Christine Olley, a graduate of the Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation.