Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation

Frequently Asked Questions


About the Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation


Is the program online?

The Certificate Program is designed to be a long-distance program.  Unless brought to an organization directly, participants travel to the training location several times per year in order to participate in 10-12 days of in-person training.  The rest of the year is spent practicing skills and utilizing tools in your own workplace, with the long-distance support of expert trainers.  Support is provided online, by teleconference, and via other means as pertinent.


How can I participate if I do not live in Boston?

Participants come to the Certificate Program from many parts of the country and from around the world.  The Boston class involves 2 trips to Boston within one year.  The rest of the program is spent utilizing new tools and skills within your own work, with the support of your trainers.  If your organization so desires, we can also bring the program to you.


Can the program come to me?

Yes!  The Certificate Program has been offered in other locales, and is available to travel to your organization.  The Program can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization and staff, so let us know how we may be of assistance.  Contact debbien@bu.edu for more information on this option.


What are the educational requirements for the program?

The Certificate Program is designed for working professionals who serve people with psychiatric disabilities. It does not require specific degrees or certifications to participate.  This makes the program feasible for those who have non-traditional qualifications, as well as for those with more traditional educational backgrounds. The preferred requirement for the program is current provision of vocational/employment services. At minimum, there must be a desire to provide or create vocational services, and some way to practice new skills within a vocational services context.


Are there scholarships available?

Program staff work very hard to keep costs down, and we pass that savings on to you.  For the Boston class, there is a reduction in tuition fees for those who meet the “Early Bird Deadline”.  We do not currently have scholarships to offer, but will post any new developments on our website.


Does the program take care of lodging and meals?

Certificate Program staff negotiate lower-cost hotel stays in the area every year.  Once a participant is admitted into the program, a list of local hotels is sent out, including any negotiated rates and deadlines.  However, arrangement for lodging and payment for travel, lodging and meals is the responsibility of the participant.


What do I need to do to be eligible for a Certificate?

The Certificate Program offers two certificates.

Eligibility for the Certificate in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation requires at least 60 hours of training in the program, plus satisfactory completion of six practical assignments. These requirements must be met within one year’s time.

The Certificate of Attendance certifies the number of Professional Development Hours gained in classroom training, up to 72 hours total.