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Classes 2013 – 2014

During the period 2013-2014 four groups of Employment Specialists who work with persons with psychiatric disabilities enrolled in a distance learning course with the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation on Job Development and Job Retention. The course included five Modules (Engagement; Cultural Issues: the Pitch; the Presentation and Proposal; and Job Retention). At the end of each Module, the participants responded to questions which came from the course content. These questions and comments were posted online in the course and other participants would often respond. We have edited these comments into this “Conversations” document which was intended for the four course groups. However, after feedback from the participants, we thought that this compilation might also be useful to others who work in employment services – to stimulate thought about the 5 topics and to show what colleagues across the U.S. and Canada had shared with us. The course continues to operate every 4 months and for further information contact


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