Information Exchange for Improving Vocational Recovery and Employment Outcomes


What is the information exchange?

  • The information exchange is a means for organizations providing employment services to people with psychiatric disabilities to converse about improving their vocational recovery and employment outcomes.

How does the exchange work?

  • Requests for information and responses to the requests can be made via email to:
  • The messages will be sent to all employment provider organizations who have received online technical assistance from the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University and who choose to join the network.
  • To access the names, contact information, TA topic, and products developed with participating organizations select “Technical Assistance Profiles”.


Please click on link for Technical Assistance Profiles


For additional information, contact:
Rick Forbess
Associate Director of Training
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University

This site is a component of the RRTC on Improved Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Institute of Disability and Independent Living Rehabilitation and Research.