Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College:
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College:
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Wallis Adams, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow 617.353.3549

Dr. Wallis Adams is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University. She draws on her Doctoral training in Sociology and Masters level training in Public Health to conduct and contribute to health services, health equity, and psychiatric rehabilitation research. She has a particular interest in Peer Support and recovery-oriented services, and methodological expertise in mixed-methods and qualitative designs. Her dissertation explored intersectional stigma through a study of Forensic Peer Support in Pennsylvania, for which she won the Howard Kaplan Award in Medical Sociology from the American Sociological Association. She recently received a Dudley Allen Sargent Research Fund grant to conduct a qualitative case study of Peer Support Specialists’ role clarity and integration in interprofessional mental healthcare teams in Massachusetts. Wallis is involved with other CPR research projects in multiple capacities and is concurrently completing additional research training in rehabilitation and implementation sciences. Past research focused on health, well-being and identity among Mainland Puerto Ricans.

Selected Publications

Lincoln, A., Adams, W., Eyllon, M., Garverich, S, Prener, C., Griffith, J., Paasche-Orlow, M., and Hopper, K. 2017. The Double Stigma of Limited Literacy and Mental Illness: Examining barriers to recovery and participation among public mental health services users.  Society and Mental Health. 7(3): 121-141.

Lincoln, A., and Adams, W. 2016. Understandings of community among people using publicly funded community mental health services. Pp. 147-174 in Advances in Medical Sociology, Vol. 17: 50 Years after Deinstitutionalization: Mental Illness in Contemporary Communities. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Guzzardo, M., Adams, W., Todorova, I., and Falcon, L. 2016. Resonating sentiments on Puerto Rican identity through poetry: Voices of the diaspora. Qualitative Inquiry. 22(5): 428-443.

Guzzardo, M., Todorova, I., Adams, W., and Falcon, L. 2016. “Half here, half there”: Dialogical selves among older Puerto Ricans of the diaspora. Journal of Constructive Psychology. 29(1): 51-65.

Adams, W., Todorova, I., Guzzardo, M., and Falcon, L. 2015. “The problem here is that they want to solve everything with pills”: Medication use and identity among Mainland Puerto Ricans. Sociology of Health and Illness. 37(6): 904-919.

Adams, W., Todorova, I., and Falcon, L.  2015. Puerto Rican Victimization and Crime on the Mainland: The Role of Acculturation. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences. 37(1): 59-74.

Todorova, I., Guzzardo, M., Adams, W., and Falcon, L. 2015. Gratitude and Longing: Meanings of Health in Aging for Puerto Rican Adults in the Mainland.  Journal of Health Psychology. 20(12): 1602-1612.

Selected Presentations

Adams, W. Contextualizing and Managing Multiple Stigmas Related to Mental Illness and Criminal Justice System Involvement. Paper to be presented at the American Sociological Association, New York, NY, August 2019.

Adams, W., Lincoln, A., Marshall, I., Brown, P., Draine, J. The Complexities of Professionalizing Peer Support. Paper presented at the Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, MA, March 2019.

Adams, W. Understanding Experiences of Forensic Peer Support Training and Work. Paper presented (November) at the American Public Health Association, San Diego, CA, November 2018.

Adams, W. “I’m a Professional Drug Addict and Drunk”: Peer Support’s Challenge to Professionalism and Expert Knowledge. Paper presented at the Society for the Study of Social Problems, Philadelphia, PA, August 2018.

Adams, W., Arford, T., Eyllon, M., Garverich, S., Prener, C., Lincoln, A. Multiple Stigmas: The co-occurrence of stigma associated with mental illness and limited literacy. Paper presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, November 2016.

Adams, W., Garverich, S., and Lincoln, A. Meaning and Management of Psychiatric Medication Among Public Mental Health Service Users. Paper presented at the Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, August 2016