Vasudha Gidugu, Ph.D.

Research Scientist |

Vasudha is a Research Scientist at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Her training is in the areas of psychology and cognitive behavior therapy, rehabilitation counseling, and health services research. Vasudha started working in the mental health field in India and has worked in a variety of community based mental health and rehabilitation service settings with a focus on individuals with serious mental illness and campus mental health. As a research scientist, Vasudha is involved in management and analysis capacities in multiple research projects. Vasudha’s research interests include person-centered care and outcomes, shared-decision making, integration of physical and mental health care, and implementation science.


Selected Publications

Russinova, Z., Gidugu, V., Bloch, P., Restrepo-Toro, M., Rogers, E. S. (2018). Empowering individuals with psychiatric disabilities to work: Results of a randomized trial. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal.  Advance online publication. doi:10.1037/prj0000303
Gottlieb, J. D., Gidugu, V., Maru, M., Tepper, M. C., Davis, M. J., Greenwold, J., Barron, R. A., Chiko, B. P., & Mueser, K. T. (2017, May 18). Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet Cognitive Behavioral Skills-Based Program for Auditory Hallucinations in Persons With Psychosis. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Advance online publication.

Gordon, C., Gidugu, V., Rogers, E. DeRonck, J. , & Ziedonis, D. (2016, online). Adapting Open Dialogue for Early-Onset Psychosis Into the U.S. Health Care Environment: A Feasibility Study. Psychiatric Services.

Gidugu, V., Rogers, E. S., Harrington, S., Maru, M., Johnson, G., Cohee, J., & Hinkel, J. (2015). Individual Peer Support: A Qualitative Study of Mechanisms of Its Effectiveness. Community Mental Health Journal, 51 (4), 445-452. doi: 10.1007/s10597-014-9801-0

Moran, G., Russinova, Z., Gidugu, V., & Gagne, C. (2013). Challenges experienced by paid peer providers in mental health recovery: a qualitative study. Community Mental Health Journal, 49(3), 281-291.

Moran, G., Russinova, R., Gidugu, V., Yim, J.Y., & Sprague, C. (2012). Benefits and Mechanisms of Recovery Among Peer Providers with Psychiatric Illnesses.  Qualitative Health Research, 22(3), 304–319.

Mesidor, M., Gidugu, V., Rogers, E.S., Kash-Macdonald, V.M., Boardman, J.B. (2011). A qualitative study: barriers and facilitators to health care access for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 34(4), 285-294.


Gordon, C., Gidugu, V., Arcure, K., & Rogers, E. (2016, May). Using Open Dialogue principles to craft a Collaborative Pathway for young people experiencing early psychosis, and to enhance collaboration and voice for adults with established psychiatric diagnoses. Presentation at the 2016 Recovery Workforce Summit of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, Boston, MA, United States.

Jacobs, M. & Gidugu, V. (2016, May). Mindful Eating: A Practice to Enhance Hope, Health, & Empowerment One Bite At A Time. Presentation at the 2016 Recovery Workforce Summit of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, Boston, MA, United States.

Jacobs, M. & Gidugu, V. (2015, November). Eat, drink, & be merry the mindful way. Presentation at the 14th Annual Massachusetts Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Conference, Marlborough, MA, United States.

Gidugu, V., Russinova, Z., Hutchinson, D., & Farkas, M. (2015, August). Vocational Illness Management and Recovery: A process evaluation. Presentation     as part of the Symposium “Promising Approaches Promoting the Employment of Individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses” at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Toronto, ON, Canada.