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Dr. Mizock is a Program Developer at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University and Doctoral Faculty in the Clinical Psychology PhD Program at Fielding Graduate University. Dr. Mizock is a licensed clinical psychologist and is in private practice.  Dr. Mizock is on the Executive Committee of the Society for the Psychology of Women (Division 35) of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Dr. Mizock received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Suffolk University, where she was an Outreach Fellow, focusing her research and clinical efforts on underserved populations. Dr. Mizock completed her predoctoral internship at the Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology at Boston Medical Center.

Areas of Expertise

Psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery, multicultural competence in research and clinical work, transgender mental health care, size acceptance, culturally relevant pedagogy.


Mizock, L., & Russinova, Z. (Accepted proposal, book in preparation). Acceptance of Mental Illness: Promoting Recovery Among Culturally Diverse Groups. Oxford University Press.

Mizock, L., & Harkins, D. (2012). Researcher race: Social constructions in the research process. Information Age Publishing, Cultural Psychology Series. Foreword by Jill Friedman & Gene Combs. Preface by Jaan Valsiner.

Selected Publications (since 2013)

Mizock, L., & Kaschak, E. (2015). Introduction to the special issue: Women with serious mental illness in therapy: Intersectional perspectives. Women & Therapy, 38(1-2), 6-13.

Mizock, L., & Russinova, Z. (2015). Intersectional stigma and the acceptance process of women with serious mental illness. Women and Therapy, 38(1-2), 14-30.

Mizock, L., & Russinova, Z., & Shani, R. (2014). New roads paved on losses: Qualitative analysis of photovoice intervention for serious mental illness. Qualitative Health Research, 24(11), 1481-1491.

Mizock, L., Russinova, Z., & Millner, U. (2014). Barriers to and facilitators of the acceptance process for individuals with serious mental illness. Qualitative Health Research, 24(9), 1265-1275.

Mizock, L., Harrison, K.,& Russinova, Z. (2014). Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Individuals with Mental Illness: Narratives of the Acceptance Process.  Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health, 18(3), 1-22.

Mizock, L., Russinova, Z., & Millner, U. (2014). Acceptance of mental illness: Core components of a multifaceted construct. Psychological Services, 11(1), 97-104.

Anthony, W., & Mizock, L. (2014). Evidence-based processes for evidence-based practices in an era of recovery and community integration. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 57(4), 219-227.

Ellison, M., Anthony, W., Rogers, E. S., Lyas, A., & Mizock, L., (2014). Implementing and evaluating goal setting in a statewide psychiatric rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 57(4), 228-237.

Mizock, L. (2014). Supporting mothers in training and early career. The Feminist Psychologist, 41(2), 7, 17.

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Mizock, L. (2013). Psychiatric rehabilitation services for serious mental illness. In Michael Shally-Jensen (Ed.), Mental Health Care Issues in America (pp. 667-673). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO Press.

Selected Presentations (since 2014)

Mizock, L., Singh, A., Burnes, T., Hopwood, R., & dickey, l. (2015, August). Intersectionality and transgender and gender nonconforming identities: Implications for research and practice. Symposium. American Psychological Association (APA) Convention. Toronto, Canada.

Shihwe, W., Carr, E., & Mizock, L. (2015, August). Retraumatization in systems of care among women with serious mental illness. Symposium. APA Convention. Toronto, Canada.

Mizock, L., Herrick, A., Puerto, G., Casey, H., Duhammel, E., & Stelmach, J. (2015, August). Reduction of transphobic attitudes in the Transgender Awareness Webinar. Poster. Toronto, Canada.

Russinova, Z., Mizock, L., Farkas, M., Blair, D., Bloch, P. & Gidugu, V. (2015, August). “Recovery 4 US”: Photovoice social media program for people with serious mental illnesses. Poster. APA Convention. Toronto, Canada.

Carr, E., Mizock, L., Davis, T., & Wang, S. (2014, August). Women with Serious Mental Health Problems: Increasing Awareness and Social Justice. Round table discussion. American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Washington, DC.

Mizock, L., Lundquist, C., Hopwood, R., & Merryman, R. (2014, August). Coping with Transphobia to Promote Resilience Among Transgender Individuals. Paper presentation. American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Washington, DC.

Mizock, L., Russinova, Z., Smith, K., & DeCastro, S. (2014, August). Overcoming Stigma and Promoting Recovery: Photovoice for People with Serious Mental Illness. American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Paper presentation.Washington, DC.


Psychotherapy with Women Award. (August 2014). Recipient of the 2014 Psychotherapy with Women Award for manuscript entitled “Intersectional Stigma and the Acceptance Process of Women with Mental Illness.” Award presented at the American Psychological Association Division 35 Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony.

Diversity and Inclusion Award. (April 2014). Worcester State University. Award from the Worcester State University Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity, and the Diversity Advisory Committee on behalf of efforts to WSU programming, research, and teaching that promotes diversity and inclusion.

Outstanding Award in Public Service. (August, 2009). Recipient of award from APA Division 18 for outstanding graduate student contribution to public service.

Research Award, Suffolk University. (April, 2009; April, 2008). Two-time recipient of clinical psychology doctoral student research award.

Certificate of Recognition to GLBT Community, Suffolk University. (October, 2005). Recipient of award from the Office of Diversity Services at Suffolk University in “Outstanding Contributions to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community.”

Journal Affiliations

Consulting Editor, APA Journal, Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity

Editorial Board, Journal of Pedagogy of the Human Sciences

Reviewer, Journal of Mental Health

Guest Editor Special Issue, Women with Serious Mental Illness in Therapy: Intersectional

Perspectives, Women and Therapy (2015)

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