Staff Directory

Center Directors

E. Sally Rogers
Executive Director, and Research Professor

Marianne Farkas
Director of Training, Dissemination and Technical Assistance

Dori Hutchinson
Director of Services

Larry Kohn
Director of Development

Zlatka Russinova
Director of Research


Center Staff

William Anthony Professor Emeritus
Deborah Bennett Peer Leader
Philippe Bloch Senior Research Coordinator
David Braverman Research and Teaching Assistant
Paul Cherchia NITEO Training Associate
Chelsea Cobb NITEO Training Associate
William Costa Website Assistant
Garrett Dicarlo Research Assistant
Stephanie Ewing Recovery Center Manager
James T. Fernandes Senior Program Manager
Derek Fulker Senior Services Training Associate
Vasudha Gidugu Research Scientist
Marjorie Jacobs Senior Services Training Associate
Courtney Joly-Lowdermilk NITEO Program Manager
Chitra Khare Doctoral Student and Research Coordinator
Susan McGurk Professor; Cognitive Remediation Initiatives
Sue McNamara Product Specialist
Kim Mueser Professor
Leonard Mulcahy Fitness Coordinator
Samantha Orsagh-Yentis NITEO Training Associate
Michelle Reynolds Operations Manager
Sarah Satgunam Instructor; Field Education Supervisor
Caitrin Thornhill Training Associate
Sigal Vax Research and Development Assistant
Kathryn Walker Financial Manager
Tracy S. Woods Peer Leader


Post Doctoral Fellows

Wallis Adams Post Doctoral Fellow
Ariel Schwartz Post Doctoral Fellow