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Kathy Furlong-Norman, MEd, MSW


Participants will learn the basic principles of writing a journal article. The online course activities and handouts will guide participants through the process of sketching out a article for journal publication. This online course will provide new skills for people who wish to write a journal article in their areas of expertise and experience. The skills involved in writing a journal article are applicable for consumers and families, direct services staff, and management staff. Participants will be introduced to both the general principles and essential steps of planning, writing, and submitting a journal article for publication. The activities and examples will guide participants through the process of sketching out a journal article of their own.

This online course will include the use of visual materials to enhance learning and interaction. It is anticipated that seminar participants will achieve the following goals. Participants will be able to:

  • List the basic steps of writing a journal article
  • Sketch out an outline for a journal article

All materials and handouts are included with the course registration fee.

These materials are available for download in accessible formats.


Kathleen Furlong-Norman joined the Center in 1983 and is responsible to manage dissemination activities for a national research and training center including: editing and publishing resource materials related to a broad range of topical areas, managing resource data bases and a World Wide Web site, and networking with national organizations and associations to disseminate research findings, state-of-the-art information, and technologies. Additionally, Ms. Furlong-Norman is responsible to direct the development of training materials, articles and monographs, and provide consultation and referral on national and international issues related to mental health recovery, community support, and psychiatric rehabilitation for adults living with serious mental illness.

Ms. Furlong-Norman is also working to initiate s a national training and technical assistance project focused on enhancing supported education services for students experiencing psychiatric disabilities in academic settings. From 1979 to 1983, Ms. Furlong-Norman worked with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health to assist in administering the Massachusetts Community Support Program. Key activities focused on the development of a statewide family support/advocacy network of 30 groups; the organization and coordination of approximately 25 conferences, training sessions, and workshops for all participants in the CSP network (family, ex-patients, professionals); the dissemination of information on topics relevant to the psychiatrically disabled through quarterly “CSS News Notes,” audiovisual productions and conference proceedings; providing technical assistance and information resources in the areas of housing, employment, crisis services, rehabilitation, family support, public benefits, and advocacy.

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There are no required texts for this course.


After participating in the online course, send an outline for a journal article and the evaluation form to:

Sue McNamara, MS, CRC, CPRP

Professional Development Program
Boston University, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
940 Commonwealth
Avenue West, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02215

After the outline for a journal article and the evaluation form are received, you will be awarded a certificate of participation for 5 PDP hours. Professional Developmen Program hours may be used
for continuing education purposes.


You may register for the online course at any time and complete the course at any time— there are no time requirements at all.

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