Job Development and Job Retention
for Persons in Recovery


15 PDP Hours

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Joan Rapp, MEd, CAGS

Debbie Nicolellis, MS, CRC, CPRP


The Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation invites interested persons to consider our distance learning course for those who work as Employment Specialists, Rehabilitation Counselors, Employment Networks, Vocational Peer Specialists and others who assist persons in mental health recovery towards successful employment. The course will be given over a 10 week period of time (multiple times during the year).


The course contains five modules as follows:

  1. Engaging the Job Seeker
  2. Looking Through a Diversity Lens
  3. Making Your Pitch for a Win-Win Situation
  4. Job Development: Marketing to Employers
  5. Retention: Strategies for Employer Collaboration & Worker Support

The course has approximately 15 hours of instruction and also will include 6 telephonic meetings with one of the instructors (one hour prior to the Introduction and prior to each Module). Fifteen Credit Hours will be available for Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners (CPRP) and Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC) for those who complete all of the course requirements. Everyone who completes the course requirements will receive a certificate of completion.

Additional supports and coaching is available for those persons or agencies who want to accelerate their Job Development and Job Retention efforts.


To take this course you should be working with persons in recovery to help them get and keep jobs. This might include Employment Specialists in any mental health model; Rehabilitation Counselors; Employment Networks; Vocational Peer Specialists; and those in other programs such as homeless shelters, veterans services, etc.


There are recommended readings but no required texts for this course.



Learners will be required to:

  • Complete 5 modules online which will take roughly between 2and 4 hours each or an average of 15 hours of online instruction*
  • Participate in discussion meetings prior to each module and at the end of the course
  • Take a short test at the end of each module
  • Contribute to the discussion boards that are within each module – shared with all the learners
  • Practice the skills being taught in the course
  • Complete a final survey at the end of the course.

Modules include the following topics:

1. Engaging the Job Seeker in job development and retention
2. Looking Through a Diversity Lens
3. Making your Pitch for a Win Win situation
4. Job development – marketing to employers
5. Retention: strategies for employer collaboration and worker support


* The online material will include slides, text, audio interviews, videos, numerous links and other recommended readings.


The course will begin when we have 20 interested persons enrolled.
You will not be able to access the course until it begins.

The course will take 10-12 weeks to complete. Each of the five modules will take about two weeks. There will be 6 meetings with the instructor either by telephone or web.

The course will be scheduled several times per year.

CEUs: Upon completion of the program 15 CEU’s are available for Certified Rehabilitation Counselors and Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners. All participants, who successfully complete the course, will receive a certificate.

Additional Intermediate Skills Training and Coaching:  Cost negotiated depending on whether it is Individual/ group and size of group.  Contact Joan Rapp at 617-353-3549 for information.