Through the Seasons: Poems and Illustrations

Moe Armstrong
Anthony Zipple (Forward)

Through the Seasons


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This book of poems chronicles one person’s day-to-day life as he finds and creates his own path of recovery from mental illness. Written and illustrated by consumer advocate, Moe Armstrong, these poems offer an intimate portrait of some seven months of his life.

We learn about those things that offer him solace: his love of music and nature, his writing and his drawing, meditation and prayer. We learn what gives him hope and strength: his work and the people in his life-old friends, new friends, the homeless person he just met on the street. We learn about his struggle of living with schizophrenia: the losses, the insomnia, the fears, the raging thoughts inside his head.

He shares his insights and observations of his life in Boston, his travels to the nation’s capitol, to Las Vegas, to Cuba. He shares his memories of his family, of Vietnam, of lost relationships and lost friends.

Moe can see the pain and injustice in the world because he experiences it. But he also sees the joy and beauty; and he has found a way to create a whole and satisfying life for himself while reaching out and supporting others struggling to do the same.

These poems exude Moe’s wit and his grace. They will leave you with a new appreciation for the challenges that people who experience mental illness face daily, and a profound respect for the power and resilience of the human spirit.

Citation: Armstrong, M. (2000). Through the seasons: Poems and illustrations by Moe Armstrong. Boston, MA: Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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Moe Armstrong Moe Armstrong, MBA, MA, has vast experience working in peer support, advocacy, and recovery, and most recently, with veterans.  Moe has earned numerous awards for his leadership in the field, and in 2007, had the award for outstanding peer contribution to the Massachusetts mental health system named The Moe Armstrong Award.  Moe has made countless presentations at conferences around the United States as well as on television.  He also has written many articles in journals as well as has been a free-lance writer.


Awarded the 2001 Ken Book Award for Book of Poems “Through the Seasons” from New York Manhattan NAMI.

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