Guia del Modelo de Rehabilitación Vocational: Elegir-Conseguir-Retener

Maria Restrepo-Toro and LeRoy Spaniol

Guia del Modelo de Rehabilitación Vocational: Elegir-Conseguir-Retener


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Guía del modelo de rehabilitación vocacional: Elegir-conseguir-retener is the Spanish edition of the Choose-Get-Keep Guide to Vocational Rehabilitation. The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation joined with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission under a community action grant to develop concensus to adapt the choose-get-keep model of vocational rehabilitation for the Latino community.

Citation: Restrepo-Toro, M. E., & Spaniol, L. (2002). Guía del modelo de rehabilitación vocacional: Elegir-conseguir-retener. Boston, MA: Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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PDF file: 28 Pages
Published: 2002
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ISBN-13: 978-1-878512-38-3

Table of Contents

La Misión
Los Principios Operativos del Modelo Elegir–Conseguir–Retener
Los Valores del Modelo Elegir–Conseguir–Retener
Las Actividades de las Fases Elegir–Conseguir–Retener
Etapa de Elegir en la Rehabilitación Vocacional
Etapa de Conseguir en la Rehabilitación Vocacional
Etapa de Retener en la Rehabilitación Vocacional
Etapa de Dejar el Empleo
La Estructura del Modelo de Rehabilitación Vocacional
Las Relaciones Personales
El Acceso a los Servicios en la Comunidad
La Colaboración entre Agencias
Comentarios Finales
Cuadro 1: Destrezas del Modelo Elegir–Conseguir–Retener
Cuadro 2: Etapa de Elegir: Perfil Vocacional
Cuadro 3: Etapa de Elegir: Valores Personales
Cuadro 4: Etapa de Elegir: Requisitos Personales
Cuadro 5: Etapa de Conseguir: Plan de Servicios de Rehabilitación
(Primera Parte)
Cuadro 5: Etapa de Conseguir: Plan de Servicios de Rehabilitación
(Segunda Parte)
Cuadro 6: Etapa de Retener: Plan de Intervención
Cuadro 7: Etapa de Retener: Evaluación Funcional


Maria Restrepo-Toro Maria Restrepo-Toro, MS, CPRP, has been working at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation since 1990.  She is a Senior Training Associate and has worked in several research projects and divisions through out the years.  Maria has six years of clinical experience, and in the last five years she has been developing the Latino Initiatives at the Center.  She trains people in the field of vocational psychiatric rehabilitation both nationally and internationally, in both English and Spanish. She develops training materials both in English and Spanish. Currently, she is the Principal Investigator for a Field Initiated project funded by NIDRR. She was a Co-Principal investigator for phase I / II of Community Action Grant for System Changes within Massachusetts. She was responsible for coordinating the implementation of an exemplary practice that will be culturally competent and will meet the rehabilitation and recovery needs of the Latino consumers within the state. Maria strongly believes in the need to empower Latinos with psychiatric disabilities to recover and regain hope, and to gain equal access to rehabilitation services.

LeRoy Spaniol LeRoy Spaniol, PhD, retired in 2004 as Senior Director at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  He holds a doctoral degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and has 41 years of experience in the mental health field as counselor, advocate, program developer, administrator, and educator.  Dr. Spaniol was the Founder and Executive Publisher of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal and is currently a Consulting Editor for the Journal. He has taught as an Adjunct Full Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling at Boston University.  He also founded and taught in the Recovery Center, a rehabilitation program for people with psychiatric disabilities at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  He is currently President of NAMI of Cape Cod and serves on the Affordable Housing Committee for the Town of Wellfleet, MA.  Dr. Spaniol has published 18 books and many book chapters and articles about psychiatric rehabilitation, recovery, and families.



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