Medicaid Health Care in Florida

Access, Cost, Quality and Outcomes. (Recorded: March 27, 2000)


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The webcast, An Evaluation of Medicaid Managed Health Care in Florida; Access, Cost, Quality and Outcomes, will focus on an evaluation of a Medicaid managed health care intervention system that is occurring in Tampa Bay. Research methodology and results will be highlighted.

Research design consists of a nonequivalent control group design to contrast three differing financing arrangements that occur in two areas of the state. One site provides mental health services on an open-ended fee for service reimbursement method while the other two use differing approaches to managing care. Both of the managed care interventions are at full risk for the provision of mental health services.

Results indicate that these managed care arrangements involve a complex set of financial and organizational variables. Relationships between the risk arrangements in the plans and access to needed services/pharmaceuticals have been identified.

Recorded: March 27, 2000
Speakers: David Shern, PhD

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These published documents describe the research activities:

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