The Decade of the Person


Keynote address at the Innovations in Recovery & Rehabilitation: The Decade of the Person Conference

Creating an analogy related to the poem “Mending Walls” written by Robert Frost, Dr. Anthony’s keynote address describes examples of “walls” existing in the field of mental health and highlights the necessity of tearing down these barriers that continue to isolate individuals diagnosed with mental illness from themselves and from one another.

Dr. Anthony stresses that the time has come in the Decade of the Person to look at the whole person and how they function: a person’s dreams, interests, talents, goals, and experiences. Continuing with examples of personal experiences related to his career, Dr. Anthony emphasizes that the attitudinal walls that divide us, both in the communities in which we live and in our treatment settings; these walls, if left standing, can be as daunting to recovery as are the walls of the institution.

Recorded: November 18, 2002
Speakers: William Anthony, PhD