Living Well with a Psychiatric Disability in Work and School

An interactive and informative web site for people with a psychiatric condition that addresses issues and reasonable accommodations related to work and school.

What are Reasonable Accommodations?
What is Psychiatric Disability and Mental Illness?
What laws require that reasonable accommodations be provided?

Information for Employers

What accommodations work on the job?
How does mental illness interfere with work performance?
Scenarios: What Would You Do?
Frequently Asked Questions
How-To Tips
What can I read for more information?

Information for Students

How Mental Illness Affects School
Academic Adjustments
Issues and Answers
Documenting Your Disability
Filing Complaints
School-related sites


Note: The information contained in these pages is for educational purposes only, and is not legal advice. Individuals should contact the appropriate legal resources for specific legal advice regarding their particular situations.