The Issue of Disclosure


This section features information about disclosing mental illness in the workplace.


Do I Have To Tell My Employer I’m Mentally Ill?

This article overviews the risks and benefits of disclosing mental illness to an employer.


PDF: Self-Disclosure and its Impact on Individuals Who Receive Mental Health Services

In this paper, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services examines disclosure of mental illness impacts the individual and his/her situation.


PDF: To Tell or Not To Tell – Disclosure of a Psychiatric Condition in the Workplace

This qualitative study explored the issue of self-disclosure in the workplace as well as the associated stigma.


How to Disclose Disability to an Employer

“This guide provides step-by-step information on how to disclose disability to your employer if you have made a decision to disclose.”


PDF: Self Disclosure and Its Impact on Individuals Who Receive Mental Health Services 

Disclosure’s possible positive effects on the consumer are discussed in this  report from SAMHSA.


Discrimination In the Workplace

This article overviews what discrimination in the workplace is and laws that make discrimination illegal.


PDF: Should I tell the Boss?

This paper discusses the question of disclosing a psychiatric illness with your employer.


Should You Tell?

This article reveals some of the possible results of disclosing.