The Issue of Disclosure


This section features information about disclosing mental illness in the workplace.


Do I Have To Tell My Employer I’m Mentally Ill?

This article overviews the risks & benefits of disclosing mental illness to an employer.


You, Disclosure, & the Workplace: Why, When, What, & How

This article from United States Office of Disability Employment Policy discusses the important questions that come with the disclosure decision.


How to Disclose Disability to an Employer

“This guide provides step-by-step information on how to disclose disability to your employer if you have made a decision to disclose.”


PDF: A Practical Guide for People With Mental Health Conditions Who Want to Work

This guide, written for people with lived experience, explains how vocational recovery is possible. Additionally, it covers important topics such as disclosure.


Video Resources Concerning the Issue of Disclosure

Find out more about disclosure in the workplace through these video resources.


Discrimination In the Workplace

This article overviews what discrimination in the workplace is & laws that make discrimination illegal.