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What is the role of the student in our college mental health programming?

Students make a commitment to participate fully in our programming. Attendance and communication is critical. Students are asked to engage in meaningful reflection on their health and wellness and must be willing to explore new habits and mindsets.

What is the role of a parent/guardian in our college mental health programming?

Parents and guardians support wellness and independence through encouraging their students to participate and self-advocate and by honoring the strength of character it takes to integrate mental health and substance use challenges into one’s collegiate identity. It is central to our philosophy that we empower students as they develop responsibility and self-determination, so we limit conversation “about” students and encourage it “with” them. At the outset of our work with students, in line with federal laws, we ask for permission to have any outside conversations with family, providers, and other support team members identified by the student. We then foster students’ leadership role in coordinating and heading communication.

How do College Coaches help students who do not always detect wellness or academic trouble?

College Coaches are very connected with students, including outside of their meeting time. Relationships with our students are built in mutuality and empathy, so honest, negative realities are addressed. Balanced perspectives are given. Students are supported to address issues that they may otherwise avoid or want to avoid. Discussions about coursework are designed to uncover realistic reflection on their progress. Observations about student wellness are provided, and students are empowered to take steps to promote their health and prevent relapse.

What is your refund policy on College Mental Health Programs?

Students who withdraw from NITEO before the official start date of the semester will receive a 100% refund on fees. If withdrawal occurs during the first two weeks of the semester: 80% of fees are refunded; during the third week of the semester: 60% of fees are refunded; during the fourth week of the semester: 40% of fees are refunded; during the fifth week of the semester: 20% of fees; after the fifth week of the semester: 0% of fees.

Refunds on fees for College Coaching are based on the number of weeks a student is enrolled and are considered on an individual basis. Fees for students who enroll in Coaching mid-semester will be prorated. Prorates are also based on the number of weeks in which a student is enrolled in Coaching and considered on an individual basis. Missed appointments are not subject to refunds or prorate.



The Services Division at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is an inspiring educational environment where persons who have had behavioral health experiences find hope, become empowered by actualizing their dreams through setting goals to live, learn, work and live well in their chosen communities. Participants are “students” who work with faculty and “Coaches” who help them achieve their goals successfully and with satisfaction. Students gain knowledge, skills and supports to live their lives fully. The Center does not provide medical treatment: We do not prescribe or deliver medications or therapy.