Job Accommodations for Persons with Mental Health Conditions

What we learned from research and from JAN’s technical assistance efforts that can benefit employees with mental health conditions and their employers

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This is a webinar presented by Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation in conjunction with the Job Accommodation Network (JAN). Job accommodations are any change in the work environment or in the way things are customarily done in order to remove barriers for employees with disabilities.

This webinar will review the main categories of accommodations that have been typically utilized by persons with mental health conditions to improve employ-ment results. This webinar will combine the results of a summary of quantitative and qualitative research studies and several decades of technical assistance by the two national centers (BU and JAN). Presenters will discuss promising practices revealed in the studies and emerging trends of interest to employers.

A brief summary will also be provided from a recent initiative at Boston University on Creating an Inclusive Workplace which addresses positive approaches to reducing or eliminating discrimination and stigma at work.

Finally, the Job Accommodation Network will present key findings and recommendations from a long history of working with individuals with mental health impairments and their employers. JAN provides practical solutions that benefit both the employee and the employer. Common limitations associated with mental health impairments will be discussed, as well as accommodation ideas that can help reduce or eliminate the difficulties related to specific job tasks.



Joan Rapp, Coordinator Continuing Education, Boston University, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Melanie Whetzel, Senior Consultant, Cognitive /Neurological Team, Job Accommodation Network.



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