Skill building

Skill building helps staff in an organization/association or other individuals learn to deliver specific competencies to enhance the roles and functions they have in an organization.

We can help you create a workforce plan for all levels of your organization in order to deliver high quality, effective recovery oriented services.

Skill building usually includes a minimum of two components: teaching basic steps needed to deliver the competency using role plays and simulations and follow up supervision of real world practice. Training is tailored for your specific needs and regional challenges– and is often included as part of an overall change process within an organization or association.

Example topics for skill building include—but are not limited to:


  • Recovery Promoting Competencies
  • Enhancing the use of evidence based practices
  • Peer Leadership


  • Vocational Peer Support
  • Vocational Empowerment Photovoice
  • Vocational Illness Management & Recovery
  • Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation


  • Supervision skills
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation skills such as:
    • Assessing/Developing Readiness
    • Setting Self Determined Rehabilitation Goals
    • Functional Assessment
    • Resource Assessment
    • Person Centered Service Planning
    • Skill Teaching
  • Elegir-Conseguir-Retener
  • Abriendo Camino


  • Personal Assistance Services


For more information, contact:


Rick Forbess
Associate Director, Training
(617) 353-3549


or Dr. Marianne Farkas
Director of Training, Dissemination & Technical Assistance
(617) 353-3549