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Marjorie JacobsMarjorie works in the Services Division as a teacher, developer of promising practices, and counselor providing educational support and holistic health coaching. She is an advocate of the Fivefold Mindfulness Path of Recovery: Mindful Understanding, Mindful Thinking, Mindful Listening, Mindful Speech, and Mindful Actions for Wellness. She is actively involved in animal-assisted, mental health interventions with her certified therapy dogs Micah and Carlo. In addition, she is a lay Dharma teacher at the Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center.

Areas of Expertise

  • Designing, developing, and teaching innovative courses, i.e. Developing Spirituality & Stress Hardiness, Laughter for the Health of It, Discovering the Poet Within for Health & Recovery, Working Our Way From Anger To Forgiveness, Eat, Drink & Be Merry The Mindful Way (Mindful Eating), Practicing Mindfulness for Recovery, Kindred Spirits: Animals & Recovery and MMDM (Mindful Music, Dance, & Meditation), What Would the Buddha Say About Recovery & Guided Imagery for Health & Healing
  • Providing supported education and health promotion/wellness counseling and consultations
  • Developing resiliency to stress and cultivating optimism
  • Using a variety of mind/body/spirituality approaches and expressive arts therapies (Recovery-oriented poetry writing)
  • Training health care providers in stress hardiness and mindfulness practices
  • Training adult education, ESOL & college teachers in study skills, developing stress hardiness, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, writing skills, tapping into creativity, techniques to develop mindfulness, and the mind/body/learning connection

Recent Publications

Jacobs, M. (2009). Moving Beyond Stigma & Speciesism: An Unusual Partnership. PSR Connections.

Jacobs, M. (2009). My personal story of coping. Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Jacobs, M. (2003). Helping adult learners handle stress. Field Notes, 13(1).

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Jacobs, M. (2002). A mind/body learning approach to counseling. Focus on Basics: Connecting Research & Practice, 6 (1).

Jacobs, M. & Yung Dong, Shih. (2002). The short march to wisdom. Hacienda Heights, CA: Buddha Light Publishing.

Jacobs, M. (1997). From the first to the last ash: The history, economics & hazards of tobacco. Cambridge MA: Community Learning Center.

Jacobs, M. The New Revised Cambridge GED Program:  Exercise Book For Writing Skills: Part 1, Grammar & Editing Skills (Prentice Hall Regents, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.), 1994

Jacobs, M. The New Revised Cambridge GED Program:  Exercise Book For Writing Skills: Part 2, Process Essay Writing (Prentice Hall Regents, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.), 1994

Jacobs, M. Developing Writing Skills (Steck-Vaughn Co., Austin, Texas), 1990

Recent Presentations

Jacobs, M. Mindfulness Practice: Discovering the Jewel in the Lotus for Recovery, (MassPRA), Marlborough, MA, October 2014.

Jacobs, M. Mindfulness Practice: Discovering the Jewel in the Lotus for Recovery, (MassPRA), Worcester, MA, October 2013.

Jacobs, M. Practicing Mindfulness for Recovery, Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR) Services Division, Boston, MA November 28, 2012.

Jacobs, M. What Would the Buddha Say About Recovery?, Massachusetts Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (MassPRA), Worcester, MA, October 18, 2012.

Jacobs, M. Developing Stress Hardiness for Recovery, Global Institute Presentation, BU CPR, Boston, MA, April 2012.

Jacobs, M. Developing Stress Hardiness, Laugh Your Stress Away, Mindful Eating Lunch, & Working Your Way from Anger to Forgiveness, USPRA Annual Conference Innovative Site-Based Workshops, BU CPR, Boston, MA, June 16, 2011.

Jacobs, M. Practicing Mindfulness for Recovery, MassPRA, Worcester, MA, October 28, 2010.

Jacobs, M. How Interacting With Non-human Animals Fosters Recovery in Adults Facing Psychiatric Challenges, Pets & People Foundation Annual Dinner, Framingham, MA, October 14, 2010.

Jacobs, M. Kindred Spirits: Animals & Recovery, Veterans Administration Site Visit, BU CPR, Boston, MA, September 28, 2010.

Jacobs, M. Relying on the Dharma for Recovery, Dinner With Dharma Program, Greater Boston Buddhist Temple, Cambridge, MA, July 23, 2010.

Jacobs, M. Holistic Interventions in Recovery Education USPRA Webinar, BU CPR, January 28, 2009.

Jacobs, M. &  Mesidor, M.  Laughter’s Role in Promoting Recovery In Psychiatric Rehabilitation, MassPRA, Worcester, MA, December 4, 2009.

Jacobs, M. Health for Recovery Keynote Speech, Region Ten Consumer Advisory Council 3rd Annual Recovery Conference, Charlottesville, VA, September 18, 2008.

Jacobs, M. Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR): Cultivating Hope and Renewing Lives, Pre-Conference Workshop, Region Ten Consumer Advisory Council, Charlottesville, VA, September 18, 2008.

Hutchinson, D. & Jacobs, M. An Adult Education Model: Innovations in Recovery Services, USPRA, Cambridge, MA, April 15, 2008.

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