Kathleen Furlong-Norman, MEd, MSW


Kathleen Furlong-Norman joined the Center in 1983 and is currently Managing Editor of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal (PRJ), Assistant Director of Publications for Center products and a Field Education Supervisor for social work interns participating in the Center’s Recovery Education Center. In this capacity Ms. Furlong-Norman collaborates with the American Psychological Association’s Journal staff to manage the peer review and production process of PRJ submissions and assists the Co-Editors with administrative responsibilities. Additionally, Ms. Furlong-Norman is responsible to oversee product development and production of new Center resources  and provide consultation and referral on national and international issues related to mental health recovery, community support and psychiatric rehabilitation for adults living with serious mental illnesses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Manages product development and production tasks, including web-based resources and databases
  • Edits PRJ manuscript submissions and resources including books and training materials developed at the Center
  • Provides consultation and referral on a broad range of issues affecting the lives of persons living with serious mental illnesses
  • Maintains MSW clinical licensure in work related to hospice and bereavement services


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