Carina Teixeira, PhD

Post Doctoral Fellow |

Carina Teixeira is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Her doctoral dissertation is entitled “Contributions to the Development of Psychosocial/Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services in Portugal: Current status, barriers and challenges”. Dr. Teixeira is a corresponding member of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists. She was one of the co-founders and is the current vice-president of a nonprofit association in Portugal called ReCriar Caminhos (ReCreate Pathways), whose mission is to support the vocational development, training and inclusion of people with schizophrenia. Her main research interests are recovery and vocational recovery of people with mental health issues.

Areas of Expertise

Psychiatric Rehabilitation; Recovery and Vocational Recovery; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Teixeira, C., Santos, E., Abreu, M.V., & Roger, E.S. (2015). Current Status of Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Portugal: A National Survey. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. 38(3), 263-267.

Teixeira, C., Santos, E., & Abreu, M. V. (2014). Psychiatric rehabilitation and social inclusion of people with mental illness: a Portuguese experience and a critical analysis of current barriers. International Journal of Culture and Mental Health, 7(4), 426-438.

Selected presentations

Teixeira, C., Russinova, Z., Rogers, E. S. (2015, August, 9th). Mental Health Providers’ Competencies to Facilitate Vocational Recovery and Employment Outcomes. Oral Presentation in the Symposium “Promising Approaches Promoting the Employment of Individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses” at the American Psychological Association (APA) 2015 Annual Convention. Toronto, Canada.

Teixeira, C., Rogers, E. S., & Russinova, Z. (2015, June 24th). The Vocational Recovery Promoting Competencies (VRPC) scale. Poster presented at the Interagency Committee on Disability Research (ICDR) Disability & Employment Symposium: Research Informing Practice and Policy. Washington DC, United States of America.

Teixeira, C., Russinova, Z., & Rogers, E. S. (2015, June 1st – 4th). Professional practices that promote vocational recovery. Poster presented at the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Recovery Workforce Development Summit – 2015 Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA, United States of America.

Teixeira, C., Santos, E., Abreu, M. V., & Rogers, S. (2014, July, 24th). Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Portugal: a national survey. Oral presentation at the 21st Annual Training Conference of the National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns – Creating a Gateway to Equity & Inclusion. St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Teixeira, C., & Santos, E. (2012, October, 17th – 21th). The impact of psychosocial rehabilitation on global and social functioning of people with severe mental illness. Poster presented at the World Psychiatric Association International Congress. Prague, Czech Republic.

Teixeira, C. (2012, June, 4th – 6th). Challenges facing community psychiatry for people with severe mental illness: Overcoming the stigma. Poster presented at the 5th Together Against Stigma Conference. Ottawa, Canada.

Teixeira, C., Santos, E., Abreu, M. V., & Gonçalves, P. (2009, November, 15th). Psychosocial Rehabilitation of people with schizophrenia: the case study of ARSDOP. Oral presentation at the 10th World Congress of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Bangalore, India.

Teixeira, C. & Santos, E. (2009, October, 12th). The state of the art in the research on psychosocial rehabilitation programs for people with mental illness. Oral presentation at the 2nd National Congress of Rehabilitation and Inclusion in Mental Health. Coimbra, Portugal.

Teixeira, C. (2009, February, 5th). Rehabilitation and Social Inclusion: Evolution, Principles and Realities. Oral presentation at the 1st Luso-Brazilian Congress of Health Psychology. Faro, Portugal.

Teixeira, C. (2008, November, 26th). From rehabilitation to social inclusion: historical evolution, main modalities and outcomes. Oral presentation at the 4th National Congress of Psychiatry and Mental Health. Luso, Portugal.

Teixeira, C. (2008, July, 8th). Vocational Rehabilitation of people with mental illness. Oral presentation at the International Congress “Cities, Health and Safety”. Coimbra, Portugal.


Received the award for the best 3% students of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra, academic year 2005/2006.

Was awarded a Doctoral Scholarship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, 2009-2013.

Was awarded a Master of Science Scholarship from the Madeira Science and Technology Center, 2007-2008.